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  1. Any front bras available?

    You can also check out road warrior paint on stuff.... I did trakktape but always found it to be a PITA to cut all the pieces and inevitably some edges would peel up and actually trap bugs and road grit onto it... not a big fan
  2. Wanted: track pack spoiler

    I have a carbon fiber exact reproduction brand new never installed if interested
  3. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    This is somewhat of a silly argument though. One could say why buy any nice car because this could happen, just buy a Nissan Versa and save yourself the concern?
  4. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    this +100000. Anyone who thinks options don't make money has never used Porsche configurator. You can add 25-50% of the value to your car in options listed, and thats only the listed options, there are Porsche exclusive options that aren't even listed that can jack the price up even more...
  5. Painting Calipers

    Are you thinking about having them professionally painted so that you can color match paint exactly? For the same price you could have them powder coated and it will hold up a lot better
  6. Painting Calipers

    Beans best LLC in Ann Arbor. Be forewarned though it isn't fast, I waited 3 weeks but quality was more important to me than speed
  7. Painting Calipers

    Sorry didn't mean to mislead, these are powder coated with the high temp vinyl and powder clear over top. For price I got quotes from 200-500 for the set. I ended up going with a guy that was 400$ because his reviews online were really good. The high temp vinyl was only about 6$, it...
  8. Painting Calipers

    Here are my calipers, just got them back. Looking forward to installing on the car
  9. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Take this for what you want but an acquaintance of mine told was telling me that his friends have brought test mule GT500's or whatever they end up calling the car over to his house. He said that they have been testing both Supercharged and Turbo options. Now I'm not normally one for these "a...
  10. Speedkore GT350R Leno's garage

    I know there was a thread about this car before but it was featured on an episode of Leno's garage just recently. See below [ame=""]
  11. Selling my 16R

    Big difference between sayings "something isn't for me and I don't agree with it" and telling other people how dumb they are. Did you ever think thats why you are greeted with insults as responses? See below for some of your greatest s-hits
  12. Selling my 16R

    Randy is a classic example of someone who doesn't understand that different people can have different views of the same situation. Because ADM doesn't make any sense to him, he feels the need to show everyone else how they are wrong for deciding to pay it, then saying I told you so when ADM's...
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Clear Bra'd the car and added in some side stripes.... going to powder coat the calipers orange to match the GT350 text color
  14. Selling my 16R

    I do... In fact you may as well start calling me the lumberjack. Taking the voodoo to redline is an experience like no other.... who would have thought an extra 1200rpm's could make such a big difference.
  15. Triple Yellow R - new 5K adm

    Not to worry my friend - for the past 11 years I have worked for the largest beer company in the world, so I'm not lying to you when I say that my beer needs are looked after :D Enjoy the new ride! looking forward to seeing pics once you get it home.
  16. Triple Yellow R - new 5K adm

    If you change your mind on the Avalanche Grey R, let me know. I would move into an R but only if I could get the same color (AG) as I have today.
  17. Triple Yellow R - new 5K adm

    Congrats on the car! Very glad that this went to a member of the forum. What happened with the R you were ordering from your dealer? I thought you passed on this because your dealer ended up matching the 5K ADM and was going to still let you order it from him?
  18. Dean Martin's GT4 Mustang

    I had the good fortune of visiting their shop which is right down the road from my house about 8 weeks ago and saw the cars up on the lift..... So much want..... I am having Dean and team do the install of my lowering springs, camber plates and a few other small items. Very excited to have...
  19. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Judging by the amount of threads/posts on this forum and others forums and also in web articles from magazines, Ford doesn't even need to do anything and its generating buzz. Remember for the Ford GT, there was nothing before and then boom they drop it at the show and blows everyones...
  20. 2017 GT350R #2 bid to $3K over on ebay

    Some of the dealerships I talked to about the car told me that the car is priced at the owners "I don't want to sell it price". If they can't get it, the owner will just keep it for himself. TBH can't say I would be any different if it was my dealership.