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  1. Ngauge gone?

    Lund doesn’t support SCT anymore, but will tune nguages, hp tuners nguage, or hp tuners RTD.
  2. Car running rich. No cats

    I rear o2 does not control the afr, The front o2 does. Your car needs to be tuned correctly to your modifications. Speak with professionals before making decisions on your car, there is a lot of misleading advice in the blogs.
  3. Vitesse

    They are wrapped in Mickey Thompson et street r 275/50/15s
  4. Vitesse

    These are the vitesse welds, they only come in 15inch. These are 15x9.33 (they don’t make 10in wide) the backspace for the s550s is 6.5 inches.
  5. Pennsylvania VMS 17X10 W/ MT ET SS

    Let me know if buyer falls through
  6. Pennsylvania PP1 Wheels-Sold

    What part of pa are you in?
  7. Maryland H&R 3mm Wheel Spacers

    What size it that center hole
  8. Texas Race Stars 17x10.5 with NT05Rs less than 3k miles

    Are you interested in shipping
  9. Error codes p0103 and p0104 mass air flow issues?

    Sorry I forgot. Make sure you have no vacuum leaks, check all wiring and connections
  10. Error codes p0103 and p0104 mass air flow issues?

    After a long pain staking process I found my issue and fixed it. After I installed everything the way I ran my maf sensor plug was very tight and after awhile of engine movement and heat yadayada the wire had a lot of tension a pulled out slightly. I open the connector and pushed the wires back...
  11. Virginia Like new black PP1 rim set(2+2) $550

    So everything is 500$? What part of Virginia are you in?
  12. Virginia Like new black PP1 rim set(2+2) $550

    Do you have all four tires and rims still?
  13. Yet another Ported Cobra Jet install completed...

    Btw jmeiers the crossmember bolts are 85ft lbs