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  1. Post your pictures of how Ford doesn't give a crap

    Wow, that is unacceptable , how can that be with today’s zillion dollar paint booth and robots ? Aren’t these cars e-coated before paint ?
  2. What is your daily driver?

    Beautiful car , i would get one in a hearbeat.
  3. What is your daily driver?

    Almost got that same truck but got a Magnetic Ranger instead. Love it
  4. RUBY RED GT350/R Thread

    Mine is arriving home on Monday.
  5. How can I tell if the suspension spacers are still there?

    That’s what i’m thinking as well, only on R cars.
  6. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Hahaha same here, just started her up for the first time today. Cheers to that :beer::beer:
  7. Lets see your favorite photo!

    Can’t wait for the next car show
  8. Taking my GT350 through the guided car wash.

    More like a rip-off if you ask me.
  9. Front end noise, clunk...

    Pround to be sharing that award with you guys.
  10. M6G's Live Photos of the 2020 GT500 Reveal

    I’d go for that color in a heartbeat
  11. M6G's Live Photos of the 2020 GT500 Reveal

    Nothing, but please provide picture so we know you’re not one of them.:):wink:
  12. Quick Jack 5000 at Costco

    I drive over them without any issues, i just make sure i drive in the same spot to avoid driving over them. Very happy with the product.
  13. Quick Jack 5000 at Costco

    Got those same ones from Costco , couldn’t go back to jack and jackstands. Funny thing is i got them for $1099 cdn
  14. Clutch Assist Spring

    Clutch is more linear with Steeda clutch spring installed, all my GT350 friends did this as their first mod.
  15. Oldest GT350 owner?

    My neuro-surgeon says i’ve got a 70 yo back in a 51 yo body , but i actually feel more like 40 both mentally and physically. Go figure.
  16. How to fix your bumper gap (easy way)

    Thanks @ Niz55 for taking the time to post this. All we need now is a DIY video. :cheers:
  17. Seriously...Odd Piston Slap Starting.

    Mine’s still very present, even after 4K on the odo. I just drive the car and don’t pay attention to it , well try to anyways. :)
  18. Front bumper problems...

    Fixed mine for good, removed wheel well liner, got rid of shitty screw, drilled a hole through bracket and used a stainless steel bolt with washers and nylon nut. Voila, problem solved. Now i need to find a solution for that rear sagging bumper cover, no way i’m letting the dealership touch my car.
  19. Has anyone orderd a PP2 through their Canadian dealership ?

    Is that so? Wow , my friend will be dissapointed for sure, i gues he’ll have to settle for a used GT350. Wonder why it’s not an option for us Canucks ! :confused: Thanks :thumbsup: