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  1. Nevada Wtb 18+ intake manifold

    How much they usually going for?
  2. South Carolina Active exhaust

    The muffler and tips is what’s expensive to ship. I got a quote to ship to 93555 and it was 100$ I don’t mind sending out tow packages or whatever and I don’t wanna break the actuators when removing but if u guys wanna figure it out between you guys.
  3. South Carolina Active exhaust

    Axle back and the three wire harnesses
  4. South Carolina Active exhaust

    I still have it. Looking to get $500
  5. California Corsa Xtreme with double H pipe

    Sell just h pipe?
  6. South Carolina Active exhaust

    Yes I unplugged it and took it off it will come as u just have to plug it in and hang it. Sorry forgot to take pics today
  7. South Carolina Active exhaust

    Taken off my 2020 when it had around 700 miles. I hung on to it for awhile incase I ever wanted to go back but I’m not going to. Comes with everything. I didn’t strip it like others do. Looking to get 500 plus shipping. I do get discounted shipping because the wife sell crafts on Etsy. I can get...
  8. Upstate SC

    Pp auto correct put po and I’m in goose creek hit me up 843-258-0455. I’m working in Hollywood so service is terrible my name is jason btw
  9. Texas Roush axle-back exhaust

    Still have?
  10. Upstate SC

    What part of the low country you guys in? I’m in Charleston. I don’t have anything fast but I have a 2020 po and a 2010 3v. Me and the wife go for rides sometimes a couple other mustangs tag along if u guys r near by Sorry to blow up the thread
  11. Looking for a GT OEM Exhaust

    I have an active exhaust axle back in Charleston sc
  12. Utah Pypes 3 inch Pype Bomb Axle Back - Stainless Tips, 2018-2020

    Nice yea I’ve read mixed feelings on h but I am going to get these axle backs for the 2020 and try h on one of them. Good thing about the axle backs that they pop off and reinstalled easy so I change out alotn
  13. Myrtle beach SC anyone?

    I’m in Charleston and have two stangs one completely straight piped and is loud and the 2020 is straight with roush axle back. Which is loud too. My f250 is deleted and straight piped so is loud and blows black smoke. Havent been messed with at all about any of em. My buddy has a 14 that I can’t...
  14. Utah Pypes 3 inch Pype Bomb Axle Back - Stainless Tips, 2018-2020

    I have em on my 2010 no cats x pipe and they r loud. Sometimes to much but I love it and they sound good. My 2020 I took the active exhaust off and running no cats x pipe and roush axle back but wanna step it up a bit and try them out. Do you have cats? And it x or h ? I heard h sounds better so...
  15. Florida 2015 Mustang GT Supercharged

    U still have this?
  16. New York Jlt Cai / SCT X4 Tuner

    Ship tuner?