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  1. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Nothing yet, I'll just be driving my Rubicon. Like I said, between my deployment and pilot training I'll be away for three years so who knows what'll be out then lol. Thanks Les!! Thank you for the good times! I need to bring the Jeep down for the chick-Fil-a meet now lol!
  2. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Car has been sold! Thank you to everyone following the build over the years. It was an awesome car to work on and am gonna miss it but she will be in good hands with her new owner. Thanks again everyone! -Trevor
  3. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Car is for sale! Located here! Quick story of why I am selling her; I am getting deployed for six+ months here soon, with the addition of being selected to be a pilot at my unit which includes almost two full years of training. I just won't have the time to dedicate to the car and don't want to...
  4. 2016 Competition Orange Mustang GT Premium

    I am selling my 2016 CompO Mustang GT Premium that I purchased new in November of 2015. I am currently not in a huge rush to sell as I am still enjoying the car as I did when I bought it. Some factors that are motivating me to sell the car is that not only am I being deployed for six+ months...
  5. Yet Another RTR Rear Diffuser Install!

    Sorry for the delayed response, but glad it helped out! :cheers: Glad I could be of service! :thumbsup:
  6. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Thanks broski!! Hope all is well man!:cheers:
  7. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Went out and took some pictures today;
  8. Suggestions on Orbital Polisher and Polishes?

    It's not a faster RPM, it's more of so the power. The Rupes/Flex will keep the higher speeds without bogging down as much as cheaper DA's. They are both (Flex and Rupes) a lot more smooth feeling as well. Their hand placement areas are also a huge improvement over cheaper DAs.
  9. Suggestions on Orbital Polisher and Polishes?

    Honestly, if you're going to get serious with it, pickup a Flex 3401 or Rupes 21 . I've owned all there of the "big" polishers; PC7424, Flex 3401 and Rupes 21. My Flex was a huge upgrade to my PC, as was my Rupes to the Flex. IMO the Flex is perfect for someone who wants a quality polisher but...
  10. The Photography Hangout Thread

    Shot from a local car show this weekend;
  11. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Some pictures from the first car show/event of the season;
  12. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Thanks Jeff! Hope all is well on your end too! :headbang: Thanks man! :cheers:
  13. To all the caliper painters out there...

    Powder coated calipers for the win! They look great man!
  14. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Received my headlights back from Retro Shop and they look great! I ended up having them paint the chrome accent inside the light, install the DD Switchback RGBWA Boards, and RGB Demon Eyes. The switchbacks look awesome and are the best part out of the whole mod IMO. Going to try and get some...
  15. For those of you with air suspension

    Hey man! Got your PM, sorry for the late reply! So What I did was install the brackets onto the rear of the car body (Rear bumper side). Pic attached from my buddy's car but same mounting area. This gave me ample room by a few MM's to clear the spare tire cover and keeping it from bulging up. I...
  16. Train Horn Install/Review (Bring Ear Plugs)

    Yes sir, they've lasted great. I do believe condensation gets into the airline though because sometimes the first press after not driving for a while, it sounds a lot higher pitched. A simple water trap between the tank and train horn solenoid would fix this though. Lol! If someone wants...
  17. The Photography Hangout Thread

    You never disappoint man lol!:thumbsup: These look great! Favorites are 1,2,5
  18. The Armory

    Just picked the guy up a few days ago, Sig MCX 5.56. Pretty stoked. Going to apply for the SBR permit soon.
  19. 2016 CompO "5.sl0w" Bagged S550 Project

    Hey man! No worries, its the SWAT Mesh from . I did a whole write up here, . Thanks man! I try to make it out to the Cone Zone meets everyone once in a while. Excited for Spring to come around!