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  1. Traction problems ?

    That's what I'm talking about. Showtime is terrible for track prep, I call it spin city. I don't think much will help over there, we should all cruise up to BMP soon. Kelly is also right, my street tune doesn't bring the power up right away either, but it's still spin city at Showtime.
  2. Traction problems ?

    Hey Lee, I've heard the Hoosiers slicks are even worse traction wise compared to the MT ET Drag r's. If you decide to get rid of those tires or your old ones let me know. I might be interested in taking them off your hands.
  3. Kenne Bell Pulley size

    Lund has done an awesome job on my tune. Are you an auto or manual car? If auto you'll find yourself driving in sport mode more often. Why did you want to switch from twins? I do more racing and am considering going over to twins.
  4. Kenne Bell Pulley size

    Thanks. Well I have a 3.2 LC, at least I think I do. Hard to tell on the outside of the SC. What I'll say is, I was sold a 3.2 but I'm starting to think I have a 2.8 LC.
  5. Kenne Bell Pulley size

    Anyone know what pulley size for approx 14lbs of boost? I need to get another pulley for when I complete my E85 swap and want to purchase it now instead of later. I can use it now with ms109.
  6. 2015 Automatic conversion parts list

    So I guess I should have take my Kenne Bell 3.2, oil pump gears, half shafts, aluminum driveshaft, id1000s, crank gear, timing gears, BMR springs, headers and other goodies all off to trade for an auto?? Lol that's pretty funny.
  7. anyone have this problem with their 6R80 trans ?

    Hey was on HPTuners forum doing some tuning research and I think I found your exact issue. Shoot me a pm and I'll send you the link.
  8. 2015 Automatic conversion parts list

    I'm the guy that did it. I did it for just at 3k and is fairly straight forward. I have a have a spreadsheet with all parts required and list a few tips on it as well. I'm always available to answer questions if people have them too. Shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the info.
  9. 2015 Mustang GT Convertible looking for 9s 1/4's

    How much boost are you running?
  10. anyone have this problem with their 6R80 trans ?

    Boy that's an interesting one. I wonder if adaptive learning is changing the shift points? I'll be back up at the track soon and we can chat about that. Finally finished my MT-82 to 6r80 swap. Who did the tune?
  11. 2015 Automatic conversion parts list

    I'm almost finished with this as we speak. I'll add a few things that need to be worked out. ABS is only necessary if you cannot get your manual ABS to talk to the new EEC. As long as the build dates are close you should be okay. You can leave the manual brake stuff in there and not use...
  12. New Kenne Bell 10 rib w/alternator brace!

    Thing of beauty right there. Let us know when you finalize pricing.
  13. Keep oil out of your intake. Mishimoto’s Direct-Fit Baffled Oil Catch Can R&D

    Do you guys have one that will work on Kenne Bell supercharged S550s?

    I've been considering this on my 3.2 KB. The one thing I don't like about KB is the HE. This looks like it would seriously help out with my heat soak issues down here in Florida. :frusty:
  15. Stainless works header install

    You need to get those two from above. It's actually pretty easy if you use a box wrench with ratchet that has a bendable neck.
  16. MT-82 to 6r80

    I think you can get away with the manual cluster, just wouldnt have that display.
  17. MT-82 to 6r80

    Process I have all items above besides the ABS module. Do you know for sure its needed? Do you know anyone who has done one successfully on a 2015? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. KB 3.2L :)

    You'll be super happy with it when you get the tune dialed in. I've had mine for almost a year now and it runs very well. I am actually in the middle of a transmission swap. I blew my MT-82 up shifting into 3rd, and am swapping to a 6R80 right now. The KB puts out great power and you'll love...
  19. Oil seperator recommendations for Whipple?

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I need a separator for a Kenne Bell. Does UPR have one for them?
  20. Anyone here with vts blower dunno with headers?

    It's a beautiful thing the no emissions, isn't it!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk