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  1. is this tire fudged? Patch too close to sidewall?

    Thanks for the input guys. This one has to go on the rear due to the size (staggered) so I guess ill have a better patch put on and hope for the best. Car is a daily driver and a V6, so no hitting corners or racing around for me anyways
  2. is this tire fudged? Patch too close to sidewall?

    Hey guys, Im in a real shitty financial situation at the current time and cannot buy a new tires. My dad grabbed this one for me off craigslist from one of the 1000 no name used tire shops here in Orlando. Tread is 10/32 (new) but I guess he overlooked this pretty large hole that was patched in...
  3. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    heres a newb question: How does google maps and everything work? What I mean is, where is it getting its connectivity to the app from? IE on my Iphone its using my verizon cell plan data, does this interface run off your phones data? If so, it appears I would need a HUGE data upgrade to run this
  4. Wheel lock key went missing on lugs I got from American Muscle, what now?

    Thanks, I will get one tomorrow daytime and PM you it.
  5. Do all 2015's have a cabin air filter?

    I have a basic 2015 V6, no upgraded package, at about 17k mi now. I was wondering if mine would have a Cabin air filter? I was hoping not to have to drop the glove box, and unscrew the thing to find out, as I would need to buy a T20 torx and I have a pretty bad back
  6. anyone have black lug nuts that don't end up looking like this?

    The black ones I have from American Muscle have been great. Been on the car since July 2015, kept outdoors, and they are still all black........just a tad faded compared to when new but nothing anyone would notice expect me
  7. Wheel lock key went missing on lugs I got from American Muscle, what now?

    While getting an oil change I asked to get my tires rotated from side to side, since im staggered, and the wheel lock key is gone. This particular place did not have any tool to remove them but should aftermarket wheel / tire places be able to get my wheel locks off? These were a black set with...
  8. I have NEVER had good gas mpg in my v6

    I mean, im sure this car had to have been designed to get better MPG in every day normal driving conditions then what I am getting, especially since everybody else that drives city states they get way better numbers. Ill try no idling next week and see if things improve
  9. I have NEVER had good gas mpg in my v6

    Yea I dont know whats going on. Even if I was doing nothing but constant stop and go, like NYC kind of stop and go, this car should be getting more than 12MPG Even though I do 80% city driving, I still travel on roads that allow me to go a few minutes without having to come to a stop. Its not...
  10. I have NEVER had good gas mpg in my v6

    Any ideas how to diagnose what the hell is going on with my car? 2015 V6, no performance mods, oil changed regularly with what the car calls for, 87 gas, 14k miles on it. I do have 20's with 255/35/20 in the front and 275/35/20 in the rear. The rear wheels also have 1" American Muscle...
  11. Silly question, but I am colorblind. Guard vs Magnetic?

    even in those pics above, they clearly look different. The guard totally looks like a deep forest green compared to the Magnetic
  12. Magnetic with bronze wheels
  13. The Armory

    My most recent addition.........DD M4V11
  14. Finally got some decent looking wheels!

    Almost my twin! lol As another V6 magnetic owner on gloss black AMR's, I approve!
  15. IN STOCK!!! New Sync3 theme navigation from Moddiction!

    If this one allows you to change the background from just being a simple white font on a black background to a custom wallpaper, that would be enough for me...........kinda like all the guys with the factory MFT units showing off all their cool, vibrant, colorful wallpapers in that one thread...
  16. IN STOCK!!! New Sync3 theme navigation from Moddiction!

    Another option..........another boring UI Is there a reason, all these options coming to the market have such plain and boring user interfaces? My Kenwood touchscreen headunits from 10 years ago had color backgrounds / wallpaper on the radio / cd / etc screens, graphics, etc...........why are...
  17. Does "sport mode" change anything at all besides steering feel?

    pretty sure OP was talking about "Sport" steering feel instead of "Normal" or "Comfort"
  18. MPT Tune Officially out

    Id like to get feedback from someone who tuned a stock V6 as well