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  1. High Mile Club *garage queens need not apply

    Just hit 30k bought Feb 2015
  2. 16 GT vs 16 SS, comparison after owning both

    Awesome! ! What kind of hp gains are u seeing? Any issues with it?
  3. 16 GT vs 16 SS, comparison after owning both

    How do u like the flex fuel e85 tune? I was thinking about getting one through leathel performance
  4. Sorta did a review on my new Mustang GT if you're bored...

    Nice video review...we're u able to test drive the M2 to compare?
  5. "New" calipers

    Hello ..had a quick question. ..long story short I went to a shop to get springs put on and they ended up having to replace my caliper. My new caliper came in and was put on but the caliper has a red color tint to it. My question is does this mean anything? Do they come from the ford factory...
  6. Steeda sport springs install

    Yea I think they may have gotten a little crazy with the air tools..Definitely over did it
  7. Steeda sport springs install

    They charged me $150 which is a great price. .but if I knew it would turn into this I would have paid someone more that had more experience with it
  8. Steeda sport springs install

    Will make sure to post pics when I get my vehicle back. Still in the shop since Monday waiting on replacement parts
  9. Steeda sport springs install

    So I decided to go with steeda sport springs to cover up the wheel gap and to say the least I am very pleased wth the product. The shop I brought it to for the install had a few hiccups. From what I've gathered they over torqued the bolt that secures the caliper to the rotor and completely...
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Drove it down south beach miami. .fun little drive
  11. Springs or tune and intake first

    Got the springs already but will definitely contact you when Im ready for the tune. Any discounts going on in the near future?
  12. Springs or tune and intake first

    Thanks for the info and will keep that in mind!
  13. Springs or tune and intake first

    So I got 5 yr 50,000 mi warranty in powertrain..didn't know that thanks
  14. Springs or tune and intake first

    So I got the springs installed today..look great but have noticed a grinding noise on a hard right turn. The alignment shop said is wasn't the tire. Any idea?
  15. Rubbing issue

    Not sure they said it wasn't rubbing not sure what it could be .maybe the spring rubbing the inner wheel well?
  16. Rubbing issue

    Just now getting my alignment..maybe that will fix it. Tire size 275/35/20
  17. Rubbing issue

    Just got some steeda sport spring installed and I believe I have some rubbing on hard right turns. .anone else experience this. ..running 275 r20s nitto g2s

    haven't uploaded pics in a while..getting my steeda sport springs installed 2maro
  19. Springs or tune and intake first

    Thanks for the advice. I will make sure to!