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  1. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    My bad for bringing up a touchy subject without doing my research. Good to hear the kit doesn’t really have that Achilles heel after all, at the very least on all but hot days.
  2. Bought my son a new 2020 Mustang EcoBoost

    It sure would have been in the 80s! 98-102mph in the quarter was pretty damn fast back then. Still is - the EB is in the same speed league as the STI, Evo, Golf R, 05-10 GT, etc. And it would have smoked the old L98 corvettes and hung with a GN or GNX in terms of trap speed (but not et -...
  3. Bought my son a new 2020 Mustang EcoBoost

    Totally agree with this. OP - I know we seem like a bunch of negative people and you know how to raise your own kid. And that is one lucky kid to get a set of wheels like a new Mustang at that age. But if you’ll let me add my voice here, even though it’s not the V8 the Ecoboost is a very fast...
  4. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Very cool. A safe, warrantied kit with a higher trap speed than a hellcat redeye and way higher than a ZL1. Also your best et is better than C&Ds published for the GT500, ignoring any atmospheric or other corrections or differences in technique. Are you faster than stock redeyes at your...
  5. Whipple Tomahawk

    I have Indy 500s, 285s, so have traction issues in 2nd at anything more than -20% (incl with OA on) and first is useless. Right now I’m on bare pump 91 so OA on and -25% for 1st and 4th-6th. I’m on the street and cautious so don’t generally floor it in 4th (too fast if shifting from 3rd...
  6. Mach 1 Dyno Day at Steeda..

    BTW just for an opinion that nobody asked for, the Mach I is the best looking s550 bar none. I’ve always thought the front end of the 15-17 looks like a little too much like a mouth-breather, the 18+ a little too much like a weasel with an overbite. The Mach 1 front end just looks bad ass.
  7. Mach 1 Dyno Day at Steeda..

    Ha! The MT-82s only lose about 11%, I’m sure the Tremec is similar, and they’re absolutely right, the dyno ended way too early. I expect the car to put down ~420-435 at the wheels stock and properly corrected, just like the Bullitt.
  8. Whipple Tomahawk

    I use it to turn Octane Adjust off (Cali 91) and on (w boostane). That’s essential if you’re on 91; well, to me it is. I also like using torque reduction by gear (15-17 only I hear, not sure why). Not really necessary since you can control the torque with your right foot but if you just want...
  9. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    I haven’t followed this ridiculously long thread in a while. Car sounds freaking great. Can you hear any whine underneath the growl? What’s your best pass? Have you dynoed it?
  10. Power Pack 2 pinging on what?

    I agree with this. Also, consider how very lucky you are to have 94 available. I’d live only on 94 if I could.
  11. Power Pack 2 pinging on what?

    Be v careful with that. The 87mm tb isn’t simple to tune, and frankly if you called in the warranty I’d stick with the FP tune. They’re rather aggressive with timing but it should be a safe tune, it’s the tune for a warrantied engine.
  12. Power Pack 2 pinging on what?

    You can set it on or off via the procal tool.
  13. Which GT would you pick?

    I disagree. If kept stock the OP knows what he needs to know already about the two cars....just drive them and see which you like more. If keeping NA and going E85, 18+. If supercharging on pump gas, 15-17. If supercharging on E, either.
  14. Power Pack 2 pinging on what?

    I only heard pinging at throttle tip-in, a little rattle that was most obvious when driving next to a wall or truck. It goes away as the engine revs up and the ecu pulls timing. OA just starts off with timing already retarded a bit. FP swears this is normal behavior, and I’m sure they’re right.
  15. Which GT would you pick?

    You also have a Whipple....gen 2s are great boosted. If you were going to stay NA I can understand, but for FI you have a perfect platform.
  16. Power Pack 2 pinging on what?

    When I had PP3 the shop that did it advised me to keep “octane adjust” on while on Cali 91. It drops the initial timing a little bit. I think the car will survive with it on but you won’t get full timing and it sounds frightening in a bad way.
  17. The First One On The Block

    You didn’t expect to feel the love here, did you? I’m pretty sure the 911 crowd still hates the Cayenne even if it pays the company bills
  18. Strategies to keep cats from melting

    I got the same advice from Procharger Tech; not to shut down after a dyno pull, because oxygen in the air can get at the cats from the tailpipe and react w them. Might be related to the strategy of enriching the mixture presumably to consume all the avail oxygen in the cylinders so it doesn’t...
  19. Coyote Generations Tech article

    6500 is the "yellow" (I wish they used colors instead of stippled lines), 7K the red. But the hp peak is 6500 then starts to drop off...mostly due to the mid-rpm focused IM. Slap on an IM with shorter runners like an 18, GT350 or CJ and it will make power at higher rpm. One thing I've never...