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  1. 2021 pp1?

    I'm just taking a WAG, but I'd bet their procurement is similar to a municipality where they put out a spec to bid to multiple suppliers for a contracted amount and go with a low cost responsible bidder. As projects change so might components? It's generally all about some type of cost...
  2. help identify this mustang

    Back when a car had 200 HP, they didn't weigh 3800-4000 lbs either. I still think they should have put the 3.5L eco boost from the F150 into the mustang - that's the way that they should have released the EB mustang in my opinion. That would have been the hottest modded car on the street - easy...
  3. Lund nGauge screen staining

    I'm not an IT nor an A/C guy, but I think that the way the AC works is passing the air across a condenser coil that will allow the air to cool which will allow some of the moisture to condense and drain off .... not all. Additionally it would also depend on if the AC was always on, set to...
  4. Rear Diff Cover

    Will you be preparing a before and after test plan?
  5. New car time. What cars are you considering w/replacing your Mustang?

    I was just looking at a Z4M the other day and I'm still on the fence ... but I'm not shedding the mustang yet
  6. A cool Mustang Mach 1 video

    At first glance .... it looked a little unsettled in the drift at 1:11 in the video ... could be the slow motion that exaggerates it, but a lot of bounce.
  7. Resonator Delete Question

    I did mine about a month ago and and had no problems making the cuts with car on jack stands. I used some fence wire that I had to tie the rear exhaust in place so it did not move when cut (and keeps the tips aligned as the pipes can't drop). It's not hard to get straight cuts with a sawzall...
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Actually yesterday.... I was taking the wheels off to clean them and use a fine scratch remover polish then wax. I grabbed the socket/ratchet and put it on the lug nut ..... in the back of my head I was thinking damn that's pretty close to the wheel .... I should grab a 2" extension. However...
  9. Cabinet hardware - what is this

    its called a tip tray ... usually put in front of a sink to tip down a small cabinet to put sponges, cleaning tools etc in a kitchen
  10. 2020 GT500 competes in The World's Greatest Drag Race!! [Motortrend]

    Why would they pair up those 8? Cayenne vs 911 Turbo? Give me a break .... they didn't even need to run that race. The 911 vs Ferrari was a good one, but change the rules for the last race? Not worth their time our ours
  11. **Coming soon: Nitrous install on my FBO 2019 Bullitt**

    No worries - looked like the solenoid might have been able to spin independent of the base where the hard one attached. Best of luck on the remainder of the install - great attention to detail ..... looking forward to seeing the finished product and results. Happy New Year.
  12. **Coming soon: Nitrous install on my FBO 2019 Bullitt**

    Can the solenoid be loosened and spun clockwise about 45-90* for any clearance?
  13. Car Won't Start

    did he find it just like the picture shows? If so, I would that one should have been glaringly obvious to anyone opening the hood? That is a bad situation
  14. Ford performance hood strut problems

    Honestly to some degree saw some of the difficulties and minor frustrations, but took my time to not damage anything. You would have to clamp down pretty hard with the bracket in a wrong position to bend them up and need new ones. Sorry to hear of your troubles.
  15. Rear Diff Cover

    Agree .... is Alexandro Flores just some guy who makes you tube videos?
  16. Stock PZeros - How long do they last?

    absolutely depends on how you drive and in what conditions avg about 10-12K
  17. Well that went bad

    Is this insert screw in or is it just loose inside the post? Looks like it might have been twisted and snapped? If its screw in it needs to reverse direction so maybe a Tap-out extractor? Never mind... I saw later posts ... sounds like it just sits inside. I would try the super...
  18. Rear Diff Cover

    Looking forward to seeing more testing and results and hope they are everything you are shooting for - you've put a lot of effort into it. Cheers and Happy New Year
  19. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    I see what you did there .....