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  1. Pennsylvania OEM Torch Red 2016 Hood Vents with Turn Signals

    I have a set of OEM Torch Red 2016 Hood Vents with Turn Signals for sale. These were only on my car for a thousand miles or so before I replaced them with black hood vents. $100 OBO + shipping or local pickup in the Pittsburgh area
  2. Pennsylvania SOLD: Xlume Colorshift Illuminated Front Pony - Chrome

    Selling a brand new in box Xlume Colorshift Illuminated Front Pony - Chrome. The wiring has been used in the past due to having another one installed on my car but mine was defective and Xlume provided a brand new pony. I ended up selling the car and the new owner didn't want the illuminated...
  3. Tail Light Sequencer. Raxiom or Diode Dynamics??

    I've had both. Both seem to be the same quality. Ended up keeping the Diode Dynamics just because they have always been great customer service wise and all other parts on my car are DD.
  4. Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    Great to know thank you!
  5. 2018 tail lamps?

    Interested as well. Too pricey for the small change though in my opinion. How long until we see some off of wrecked 18s lol
  6. Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    Wouldn't it be possible to just modify the as-is configuration so that these are activated as DRLs? Or is the optional harness necessary?
  7. Illuminated Pony badges

    Managed to grab a few pics yesterday! Xlume :cheers:
  8. Undisclosed Zombie's Bite Sized Sticker Shack -- *New Stuff and Visor Overlays Available*

    This is what I was looking for, thanks for posting pics! Now to debate on ordering white or red
  9. Illuminated Pony badges

    Finally got around to installing my replacement colorshift pony due to having an issue with blue in the tail (cracked LED board), looks much better and greatly appreciate the fast response from Xlume! :headbang:
  10. NEW SYNC 3.0 Build 20204 Nav Android Auto/Apple Carplay

    Good to know. I was wondering if this would be an issue. I didn't have any problems with mine due to changing the as-built but I only did high beams + fogs and fogs + turn signals.
  11. NEW SYNC 3.0 Build 20204 Nav Android Auto/Apple Carplay

    Installed old USB hub, same issue. After 30 mins of idle car eventually shuts off if I don't override. Any suggestions? Will be trying with a different flash drive next
  12. NEW SYNC 3.0 Build 20204 Nav Android Auto/Apple Carplay

    Does the update have to be done using the center console USB port? I replaced the center console hub before updating sync so I'm trying to do the update using the USB port underneath the screen. After 45 mins of ''updating system software'' I decided to turn it off and back on and got ''the...
  13. Antenna Cover

    Yeah i don't understand that part lol but does anyone know how hard/easy it is to remove the antenna and paint it/wrap it?
  14. Pittsburgh

    I might be there Sunday depending on the weather
  15. Illuminated Pony badges

    Thanks for the quick reply. Replied via email and yes that is just water on it
  16. Illuminated Pony badges

    Thanks man. Just tagged them and sent an email as well
  17. Illuminated Pony badges

    Does anyone else with the color shift pony have some blue in the tail of the pony? Can't notice it from a far or if a color is on but when it is white you can definitely see it up close. Not a huge deal but just curious if it's defective or what? Xlume
  18. Sequential front turn signals!

    Just installed some Opt7 LED headlights for my street bike. No problems so far and seem to be good quality