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  1. Encountered a Sleeper on the highway last night

    Coming home last night I was in the left lane of 3 lanes on the highway cruising at 75(ish)mph in a 70 mph limit. Noticed a CR-Z Honda 2 seater in the middle lane and about 10 cars ahead of him was a Honda Insight @year 2000. This is the first hybrid Honda with a 3 cyl. 1.0, 67 hp and weighs in...
  2. Launching on foot brake + ebrake

    I don't think you can do any better 60 ft. time than that. Damn close to the 10's !!!!
  3. Launching on foot brake + ebrake

    What 1/4 mile time and speed did you run? It will tell how well the launch went.
  4. S550 Police Interceptors - the definitive thread

    As long as they are in front of me, that's all that matters. Somedays on the highway a fair amount of people pull out of the left lane when I approach. Probably because mine looks like this: Osceola, FL:
  5. New Florida Based Drag Racing Series - FLDRA - Florida Drag Racing Association

    Is the event still on for next Sunday?
  6. N/A Traction on Street in Drag Mode

    You might want to look into Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires. While not a drag radial, it was much better on my car than the original Pirellis. Take a look at this article for the traction difference:

    They should be giving away a GT350 instead seeing as how production has now ended. And because I am being greedy-Ford should give me the money to pay the taxes too.
  8. Ford giving up on the Ecoboost HPP already?

    Yes, it's a genuine Ecoboost HPP. I walked around the car and looked inside before I took pics. Everything points to a genuine HPP. I haven't checked, but I am not sure if you can even get HPP fender badges from the dealer yet. Just thought it strange he would put Mach 1 stickers on the...
  9. Ford giving up on the Ecoboost HPP already?

    I have seen only 1 HPP on the street in the last year.. The guy put Mach1 stickers on it. No, I can't figure out why either.
  10. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    Although I am a Ford man, I keep track of the competition. The ZO6 is the flat plane version NA. The ZR1 is supposed to be a flat plane with twin turbos(or that 's what the rumors said). I have to admit that the C8 is the first Corvette I have seriously considered owning as a Ford GT will never...
  11. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    That Corvette is sure consistent-but at least you got him. The rumored flat-plane/twin turbo upcoming Corvette should run in the 10's from the factory. Maybe then Ford will finally offer the Coyote Ecoboost(twin turbo Coyote)
  12. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    Those Evo's are really fast when built correctly-I had one. But 220 whp increase from E85? He's dreaming-it's more like 70 gross hp.
  13. World Record EcoBoost Mustang Power! 805rwhp!

    Can't wait to see that 8 sec. run video. Did you guys ever look into installing/trying a 4 port exhaust head(MAP Performance was selling a kit conversion at one time) or does the 2.0 block run a 4 port head exhaust?
  14. Anyone able to test drive a Boss 302 for me in West Palm Beach?

    I could do it for you this coming Saturday around midday. But you will have to contact the dealer to arrange it and let him know I am there as your friend-and I am not signing anything. Let me know if there is a particular driving dynamic you want me to focus on.
  15. FHP Dodge Challenger spotted in Miami on Turnpike

    I wonder how many people he has baited with the blue GT?
  16. FHP Dodge Challenger spotted in Miami on Turnpike

    I was southbound on the Florida Turnpike by Okeechobee Road in Miami this past Monday, looked over to the northbound entrance ramp and saw a Dodge Challenger painted in FHP colors(black and brown). He was facing northbound just waiting to catch unsuspecting drivers. This portion of the highway...
  17. 18+ P1X Swapped Fox, How much Boost?

    What rearend gears are you running?
  18. FL2K racing event - Who's going???

    I will try to make it. What's the best ET are you going run? Yeah, yeah I know. Take a guess.