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  1. FreePenguin

    Look what was getting gas next to me at Costco!!

    There’s a 16-17 year old kid who has one locally here. His dads but it’s his. (His dad has another lambo) used to see him all the car meets and running around. First time I saw him he was at a light with what looked to be a damn supermodel lmao Kids loaded. His dads a heart surgeon. Super...
  2. Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    you're missing the larger game. By morphing 'Mustang' into a brand/line-up they are supplanting 'Ford' in the eye of the (stupid-ass) consumer. So when Ford sells the Bronco and Mustang brands to VW autogroup nobody will notice. We'll just keep calling it the Mustang X, Y or Z and not be...
  3. Salty

    Ford Performance Street Handling pack experience

    Here's another pic when the car had different wheels. I plan on getting rid of these and going steeda progressive.
  4. torque124

    Struggling... Upgrade my 2016 Tech Pack to Track car, or sell/trade and buy 2016 Track Pack or 2017 or newer model

    Man, I think this is just opening a bigger can of worms than you need.... Why bother with the headache of doing plumbing for coolers, upgrade transmissions... Just sell the car, and get a track pack or an R. I would not shy away from 10k + mileage ones if in good nick, they are good solid...
  5. garagelogic

    Free flow pipes

    What is the point of running with no converters in place? I get that, back in the day, they could definitely impede exhaust airflow, but modern catalytic converters don't present the same restrictions. I ran the Hellion twin turbos + factory supercharger on my 2010 GT500, making over 850rwhp...
  6. J. Kidd

    Premium Care / Premium Maintenance Transfer

    FOLLOW UP: I spoke with both the business manager at my local dealership as well as Ford ESP. The business manager confirmed that as long as the warranty and maintenance were transferred by the original owner, they will follow the vehicle (through the VIN) at the dealership if/when I bring it...
  7. cmxPPL219

    Dirty behind

    This is a common occurence, and obviously if a car is driven in a particularly dusty or sandy environment, the rear of the car shows a lot of this dust. And, the amount of dust that settles on the rear of the car is much more pronounced in vehicles that have flat, high rear-ends (Wagons, SUVs...
  8. Twin Turbo

    Next-Gen Mustang Preview Coming By Way of NASCAR

    It'll be interesting to see what it looks like. However, the current Mustang Nascar looks more like some of the less successful S550 photoshops :giggle:
  9. Question about the performance package

    Hey guys new to the car scene. Recently brought an ecoboost and was wondering if the upgrades/mods of the performance package was worth it, specifically the M-9603-M4? Does anyone have it or know of anyone who does? If so how’s the reliability, power and gas mileage?
  10. Twin Turbo

    What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    I'll be organising a meet in June, once the last of the lockdown restrictions are removed and we can meet inside without a limit on numbers. I'll post up nearer the time :like:
  11. Twin Turbo

    What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    And a few from my previous I understand it, all the cars are owned by the owner of Podium Place. He figured if he was paying for storage, he may as well pay for a building that can make a few quid. The cars are his pension fund and all are for sale at the right price (albeit...
  12. Twin Turbo

    What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Yep, I went there before lockdown and its a great place. I've spoken to the owner and they are more than happy for us to organise a meet there. I'll wait until we can actually sit inside, so I guess that'll be June. For now, it's just "random" non-organised meets, with no hanging around inside...
  13. Kleiss1

    Anyone else keeping their S550 at/near stock?

    Catch can, floor mats, hood struts And XPEL on the nose.
  14. samd1351

    Watch this mind-blowing footage of an FPV drone at a bowling alley

    Definitely some impressive flying. I sure as hell am not going to attempt that!
  15. Twin Turbo

    Why do Overseas Buyers buy Copart or salvaged S550’s?

    Sadly, many of these will be sold without disclosing the history.....but they will be sold at, or just below market value for a "clean" car. Most prospective buyers will not have heard of Carfax and so will be ignorant of any accident damage. I've seen them advertised in the UK as having "clean...
  16. Twin Turbo

    2021 Mach 1 Colors Thread

    Yeah, Twister Orange, 10-speed, optional Y-spoke wheels.......that'd be how I'd spec mine. Just gorgeous!
  17. hbash

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    Some dealers don't do that. I'd walk. As much as I want the car. There's a deal in Iowa (Gainer or something like that) who is offering to sell the car BELOW msrp...
  18. Twin Turbo

    2021 Mach 1 Colors Thread

  19. Twin Turbo

    Wimbledon White Shelby GT350 Heritage Edition thread

    Ha! Not mine......I wish it was. This is actually a friend's car :)