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  1. No Dynos yet?

    I'd be most interested in seeing some stock 1/4 mile trap MPH #s.
  2. No Dynos yet?

    I have not seen a dyno or any Draggy #s either.
  3. REVan Evan Mach 1 Street and Track Testing at Willow Springs

    Good vid. The guy really does not need the stupid mask driving a car. Get CNN out of your head and live your life.
  4. 0-60, 1/4 mile

    Has anyone found test results for the new Mach1, A10 or Manual? 0-60, 1/4 mile e.t., and most importantly trap MPH?
  5. Tuning

    Will the warrantied Ford dealer installed Roush Supercharger be offered on the Mach 1?
  6. Dyno mubers

    The OP should spend a couple bucks on an English course.
  7. Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Invoice minus 2%? So you are going to be roughly 7% under full MSRP?
  8. Looked on and saw Mach1 ads

    $69,390 is an ASKING price and it may sell for that amount or for $59,390 or less. We will never know but we do know that in the overwhelming majority of cases the selling price is less than and in some cases profoundly less than the asking price. I've been buying new Mustangs for nearly 30...
  9. Looked on and saw Mach1 ads

    Tell your friendly neighborhood Ford dealer that you have seen how Ford handles their "limited production" vehicles when they tell you that there won't be enough of them to go around. The '07/'08 GT500s were to be a "limited" 2 year run of 2,500 vehicles total. What a joke. Nearly 50,000 of them...
  10. '22 MaCH1?

    Guys are now ordering the Mach1. They will likely get there cars in 2-4 months. Will these cars be '21s or '22s?
  11. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    These wheels are the ticket right there Man. Didn't know those were available. FJG, Mach1, appearance package, those wheels it is. Thanks for the heads up on that one. Damn, I love this forum!
  12. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Anyone know what the handling package wheels would cost a piece from Ford. I like them much better than the standard Mach1 wheels although they look like a real PIA to clean and I really would have little use for the handling package here in FL where 99.9 % of the roads are straight as an arrow.
  13. 2021 GT

    Appreciate the reassurance here. Great forum by the way.
  14. 2021 GT

    I'm looking to purchase a '21 GT or possibly a leftover '20. I have recently read a significant amount of negativity in regards to the MT-82 manual. Has this transmission been improved for '21 in any way. I know that the Tremec will be the manual for the Mach 1 but I'm not interested in that model.
  15. E85

    I was going to get the Lund flex tune. I think that would be what you are suggesting?
  16. E85

    Thank You my friend! I know where that 1st RaceTrac is. I really want to use an E85 tune.
  17. E85

    Looking for E85 in my area and not having much luck. Can anyone tell me if there is E85 available in the Bonita Springs, North Naples, Estero FL area.