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  1. Ericc B


    Saleen built their first Grabber Yellow car:
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    Tonneau Cover - Finally!!!

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    I'm amazed you even bother to talk to your local dealers. I'd buy out of state without even thinking twice. Although actually the first thing I would do if I lived in California is move out of California and then start thinking about buying a car. Priorities.
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    Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    Matt is a Bullitt owner and a regular on this forum too, username Bullitt.
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    Positive and Negative Wires in Rear View Mirror

    Here's the video for the Safe & Smart owners who need a switched positive and ground from the mirror area:
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    2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 UK/EU Specs Released

    The cancellation of the EcoBoost Mustang was a decision by Ford Europe themselves. It only sold well in certain smaller countries with sky high CO2 emission based taxes and even there sales were dwindling. In the major markets like the UK and Germany the GT has had a sales mix percentage of over...
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    Ford Europe officially limits itself to Hybrids by 2026 and EVs by 2030

    I agree this basically confirms that the EU spec S650 will be a Coyote Hybrid. That's good news for all the countries over here that have insane emission taxes. France has recently joined that club.
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    Stock PZeros - How long do they last?

    When I bought my GT one set lasted about 2 days and the other about 10 days. At the local classified ads site that is.
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    Widebody Builds of Mustang GT

    Good grief what people do to their cars.
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    so many used 2020 GT500's are for sale now...seems odd to me, 76 of them posted on Autotrader alone.

    Back on topic... They built over 5000, so about 80 being for sale is not all that strange? That's 1.5 per state on average.
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    The last production 2020 GT500 was just built: pictures!

    Wow 5000+ that's quite a lot of them. How people still pay adm on these is beyond me.
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    Selectable Steering Modes (Normal, Sport & Comfort) All seem Stiff

    There is a very noticeable difference between the 3 settings, both in my 16 as well as in my 20.
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    2019-2020 Bullitt Mustang M6G Owners' Registry

    After fighting the itch for almost 3 years I finally caved and picked up L1843 from Germany. She's an EU spec DHG with both Magneride and Recaros.
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    CO2 tax in France

    More or less heavy taxation on big engine cars is the norm throughout most of Europe. The UK and Germany are the exceptions. France is now joining the Northern countries like Norway, Danmark and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the registration tax on a new GT has hovered between 50 and...
  15. Ericc B

    High number of 2016 GT350s on the market with California lemon brand title?

    It's not just engines, the main issue with earlier GT350 years was cooling. And that is a design flaw that cannot be fixed by replacing parts, only by adding parts from the later model years.
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    Steeda IRS Braces - Aesthetics Question.

    Cudos to Steeda US (Tim) and Steeda UK (Robbie) for replacing my IRS braces under warranty, appreciated.