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  1. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    From the 2020 Mustang Order Guide  EcoBoost® Handling Package (Available on Fastback only) • 19” X 9.5 Aluminum Wheel • 265/40R19 Pirelli Corsa4 (Summer Only)
  2. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Good point and thanks for the picture and the correction on the max recommended rim width being 11.5" so not "stretched" on 11's according to mfg/industry specs. One thing I see from that picture and others I've seen is that the "rim protector" on the RT-660 is very similar in appearance to the...
  3. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Thanks! I wasn't thinking about the camber you would have in CAM but agree that makes a big difference, especially with the tire stretched on the max recommended wheel width..
  4. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Great job! I'm in FS with 9" F and 9.5" R wheel width. From your experience/observation of the feel and appearance of your 295's on 11's do you think the 275/35's F & R on my wheels would be about as "happy" as the 275/35 RE-71R's were vs go down to 265's on the fronts? Thanks!
  5. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Thanks Steve, 1) It sounds like both the A052 and the RT-660 275/35x19 will at least appear to be pinched/squeezed on my 9" front wheels even though 275/35 for many folks even 285/35 RE-71R's were "fine". 2) Most of the events I'm likely to run will be in 70 - 95 deg plus NC summer weather...
  6. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    How was the tire wear and will you be driving on them to/from events? Also how was the steering response compared to the BFG's which have a "lots of slip angle required compared to RE-71R's" reputation? FYI I'm still in FS so I would be on 275/35x19's with 9" F and 9.5" R wheels. Thanks!
  7. Tire recommendation for HPDE

    Per the footnotes it appears the tires have to be purchased from and installed at a GY tire store or independent "authorized" dealer rather than "just any" independent installer. Has anyone tried an installer such as Discount Tire and if so did you get "free shipping"? I haven't joined...
  8. Post AutoX tire wear; input?

    FYI according to some highly qualified autocross tire experts as good as the PS4S tire is unfortunately is it NOT good at resisting tire edge wear. The sidewalls are just not "stiff" enough to resist the "roll over" forces of dry pavement autocrossing like RE-71Rs, Rivals, etc.
  9. To all my Veteran bros and sisters Happy Veteran's Day!!

    1967 - 1971 Army Security Agency crypto tech including 68-69 on the DaNang, VN airbase.. Ordered my 69 Mustang from the DaNang PX.
  10. MT-82 Question 2019+

    FYI "rev hang" can also be needed for emissions reduction. Sudden closing of the throttle can cause spikes in emissions. One of the solutions in the 70's was the use of dashpots to slow throttle closing. The delay in some cars was very annoying to skilled drivers. I'm pretty sure that I've read...
  11. New Navigation map update June 29th

    Thanks guys. I'll stick with the factory supported version which is designed for my car's hardware out of "general principles" plus the fact that I haven't seen anything about the newer versions which tempt me.
  12. New Navigation map update June 29th

    FYI my "early" (built late December 2017) 2018 came "I think" with map version 1-17 since the Ford NAV website confirmed that the new version was available when I checked early this year. The map version on the main "sync version" screen changed to 1-18 with that NAV update and to 1-19 with...
  13. New Navigation map update June 29th

    Thanks guys! Now I know not to keep looking for it.
  14. New Navigation map update June 29th

    My car is a MY 18 currently with 3.0 build 19025. Do you know whether or not 3.4 will be officially available to MY 18 and it so what "features" or "fixes", etc. are included that my current 3.0 doesn't have? Note that my car is a "base" GT PP with 301A plus Navigation in case that makes a...
  15. New Navigation map update June 29th

    I did and it worked on the second or third attempt which might have been the first time I did it correctly.
  16. New Navigation map update June 29th

    See my post #577 and the previous and subsequent posts around #577 by others and by me. Basically a master reset followed by repeating the installation instructions with one minor change worked for me. The change was to wait several minutes rather than the specified 15 seconds before restarting...
  17. Keep losing my nuts

    If the wheels are "not stock" look for any "sheet metal rotor retainers, AKA "Tinnerman nuts" on the lug studs. Many non-stock wheels do not have recesses in the hub mounting surface to clear those retainers. Also as others may have said make sure that the wheel is tight against the hub before...
  18. New Navigation map update June 29th

    It sounds like what happened to me once or twice before finally having success. What finally worked was to connect a battery charger instead of running the car (I have no idea if or why that would make a difference vs. random good luck) and then make sure I CAREFULLY followed the exact...
  19. Keep losing my nuts

    What torque did the shop or you use? Remember the factory spec is 150 lb-ft.
  20. New Navigation map update June 29th

    Mine didn't clear the AM/FM presets. Saved Nav stuff went away. Ditto WiFi, Bluetooth pairing, contacts, and some other minor preferences.