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  1. Tony Alonso

    Bullitt with Magneride vs without Magneride

    I have a non-MagneRide car and have driven a MagneRide version. In my short drive on the street with a slightly bumpy surface, I noticed a bit less suspension motion up and down than my car, however, it wasn't a dissatisfier. I didn't want to pay for the extra cost of the special shocks based on...
  2. Tony Alonso

    Would anyone be interested on buying parts from 2020 High performance package ecoboost?

    OP - feel free to post up parts you want to sell in the Classifieds subforum with an asking price. Closing this thread.
  3. Tony Alonso

    SOLD MY CAR :(

    Blessings to you, JC.
  4. Tony Alonso

    My Silver HP Mach 1 has arrived !

    I want to see that car sometime, Thomas! Congratulations!
  5. Tony Alonso

    My Silver HP Mach 1 has arrived !

    OP - very nice! I am in Cincinnati so I hope to see you driving your car around sometime. Enjoy!
  6. Tony Alonso

    Covid Shots

    Lots of personal attacks...closing
  7. Tony Alonso

    Texas FS: Mustang GT350 OEM Recaro Seats $3,500

    Please include a photo of the items staged with a piece of paper that has your forum name and date as per the posting guidelines - Thanks for your help.
  8. Tony Alonso

    Bullitt exhaust sounds changes with steeda tune?

    That's the same as I understand. So if there is a tone difference, I'd be surprised with just a tune. However, as mentioned above, going into fuel shutoff vs not when letting up on the throttle is clearly a difference that affects the experience with burbling, cracks, and popping. Of course...
  9. Tony Alonso

    Bullitt exhaust sounds changes with steeda tune?

    OP - based on other people's experiences, please let us know if the tune you got was the same as what was applied to the naturally aspirated SME Bullitt. When I heard the SME super-charged version run, it sounded the same to me in tone, but admittedly it wasn't under load. Thanks to those of...
  10. Tony Alonso

    Bullitt exhaust sounds changes with steeda tune?

    You are the first person I've heard describe a change in the sound. I am very curious as to what Steeda will tell you. That actually was one of the things Steeda mentioned to me when I interviewed regarding the SME Edition for my book. They didn't want to mess with the sound because they thought...
  11. Tony Alonso

    Bullitt exhaust sounds changes with steeda tune?

    You didn't change any of the intake components, correct? It was just the tune?
  12. Tony Alonso

    BULLITT Resale Value

    Whether it's '19 or '20, I don't think one would be more valuable than the other in resale from that aspect alone. Mechanical condition, appearance, stock vs modified, will likely play a bigger role. The changes between '19 and '20 are small.
  13. Tony Alonso

    BULLITT Resale Value

    Not quite accurate - depending on condition and mileage, those cars are currently fetching a bit higher price than the GTs. You might see cars where the differences are in the range of $1000-$3000 more. This assumes they are closer to stock. Regarding the current Bullitt, I am seeing used car...
  14. Tony Alonso

    NEW C8 ZO6 has 5.5 Flat Plane V8 and 9000RPM Redline

    Similar to this forum, there are various Corvette forums where people are talking about not if but when the announcement will be made. A number of those folks have been providing hints about this for almost a year now. Not that you can believe everything on the Internet, but some of the folks...
  15. Tony Alonso

    NEW C8 ZO6 has 5.5 Flat Plane V8 and 9000RPM Redline

    The C8 race cars use a 5.5L FPC V8. There have been videos with prototypes running around with an exotic-sounding engine. I don't believe it's fake news at all. I think it would be exceedingly cool to own the two American-produced FPC performance cars at once - the S550 Mustang Shelby GT350 and...
  16. Tony Alonso

    Tony Alonso's 2019 Mustang Bullitt Journal

    Here's the third oil analysis which was run on a sample that came out of my car that was lightly driven during 2020. In fact, this is probably the lowest overall mileage I've had on a Mustang that I've had for 2 1/2 years. My oil life monitor came on at the 12 month mark. here's what Blacksonte...
  17. Tony Alonso

    Report: Next gen S650 Mustang will have full 8 year life cycle

    I think that would be an expensive proposition to have 2 different architectures to support 2 powertrains of a niche vehicle, even if it is a halo car. After reviewing Ford's commitment to carbon neutrality, I theorize that the 7th gen Mustang could last awhile with gas and gas-electic hybrids...
  18. Tony Alonso

    There Will Be More About the 2019 Bullitt in This Upcoming Book

    Unfortunately we had a limited run of the expanded edition ☹ I'm a self-funded author, so I could only afford so many copies. That said, if you want a lot of details on the original movie cars and the movie itself, Matt Stone wrote this book. A portion of that content was covered in the 24-page...
  19. Tony Alonso

    Bullitt Production Numbers

    In the 2008-09 generation, those numbers were included in the total production. However, they were specifically identified by model year. This was done by the Ford Performance Group for the purpose of producing the Certificates of Authenticity. I expect those numbers will be available for the...
  20. Tony Alonso

    Sound tube in '19 Bullitt?

    You have sound enhancement through the stereo speakers instead.