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  1. Gigantor

    Gt350 intake and throttle body on 2016 GT

    check vacuum line to blow off valve, either way check your vacuum lines
  2. Gigantor


    Anybody who buys a sport car and never see triple digits is Xxxxxxxx
  3. Gigantor

    Vote for the Ecoboost!!

    Your Mustang gives Ecoboost a good name. . .one of the best Mustang on the road. . very original But is it fast? lol
  4. Gigantor

    Vote for the Ecoboost!!

    Got my vote. . .nice paint job
  5. Gigantor

    2018 comparison to 2015

    Most women can care less about car design unless they are car enthusiasts too. And yes the design change is very noticeable to real car enthusiasts. I like the recent design changes from 2005 - 2017
  6. Gigantor

    2018 comparison to 2015

    Can't argue the technological advances in the 2018. I actually thought the 2018 Mustang design would go towards the GT-350
  7. Gigantor

    Woke up to find out someone accidentally damaged my paint last night..

    This. usually kids have those little drone purchased from Toys R Us. You better look out for a 2 legged predator
  8. Gigantor

    Where to get S550 aftermarket parts in Canada?

    Free shipping across Canada Also
  9. Gigantor

    2018 comparison to 2015

    2018 Mustang "Year of the Catfish" who said engineers don't have a sense for humor
  10. Gigantor

    2018 comparison to 2015

    The only upgrade that would get me over the front fascia: 475 HP
  11. Gigantor

    New Glass Windshield Pricing...

    Here in AZ we replace our windshields at least twice a year. Crazy DOT puts stones on the side of the road. . .go figure Windshield business is thriving here in AZ
  12. Gigantor

    Wish there was an Eleanor Body Kit

    Real talk, functional will always be in
  13. Gigantor

    Maximum carrying weight

    Kidding right??
  14. Gigantor

    I want to go back to a s197, anybody feel the same?
  15. Gigantor

    Camo Mustang

    That is your car for life