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  1. ForYourOwnGood

    Supercharge 17 GT ?

    I have the same basic car you do, on low boost pulley my car makes about what you're looking for and drives basically like stock. I have the 2.3L Edelbrock kit and a spec 2+ clutch. On 11lb I make 600+ wheel, on 7lb it's around 500. Feels great, pulls hard, I also have 4S tires and they grip...
  2. ForYourOwnGood

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I don't have a hose like that, but the pump itself was burnt up. The fuse blew, the relay was trashed and the driver module needed to be replaced. I got it back up and running with the stock pump but I'm going to go return style in the spring.
  3. ForYourOwnGood

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I sat on the side of the highway with a blown fuel pump. Only 3000 miles on this DW400.
  4. ForYourOwnGood

    PP1 wheels on 17 GT with 3.31

    Yeah, and you're clearly lowered with more camber. Mine stuck out so far past the fender I couldn't even risk driving it, plus it looked stupid.
  5. ForYourOwnGood

    Massachusetts WTB edelbrock 3.25" pulley

    Like the title says, looking for an Edelbrock 3.25" pulley to fit a TVS 2300/2650 E-force unit. Been backordered with EB for almost 3 months. Probably never going to get one from them so I'm hoping someone will be willing to part with one. Local or shipped doesn't matter.
  6. ForYourOwnGood

    PP1 wheels on 17 GT with 3.31

    I did the same thing, got a set of 19 takeoffs for ~$900 shipped on ebay. They're heavy compared to the 18 inchers but the 4S are absolutely fantastic tires and vastly outweigh (pun intended) the heft of the size increase. I have a 17 with 3.31 gears and its really hard to compare because the 4S...
  7. ForYourOwnGood

    Is it just me "Owning a Supercharged Mustang"

    Yeah, dumping the clutch like that is ill advised.
  8. ForYourOwnGood

    Fun in the snow

    This is my problem. I drove mine a couple of days last winter and now my brake calipers look like they got submerged in the ocean for 300 years. I had Alpin PA4's and it drove great but the salt damage is just not worth it. My little malibruiser can take care of that duty.
  9. ForYourOwnGood

    Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Lol I had them come loose 3 times in a week so I have them down about 12 uggaduggas.
  10. ForYourOwnGood

    Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Check your manifold bolts, mine came loose several times until I cranked the hell out of them.
  11. ForYourOwnGood

    Mustang owners are you conservative or liberal minded?

    Anything to the right of Karl Marx is considered a far right wingnut in 2019 so I guess thats what I am.
  12. ForYourOwnGood

    16' Roush Phase 2 jerking

    Well checking the plugs is a good place to start. Also a catch can for at least the passenger side is a good idea, if you're getting oil through the PCV system you can see some weird behaviors.
  13. ForYourOwnGood

    16' Roush Phase 2 jerking

    Are you sure you're not just in the range where you're actuating the bypass a lot causing it to surge?
  14. ForYourOwnGood

    Yaw or "sway" when accelerating?

    Its spinning for sure. That squirrely feeling is what comes right before it really lets go and the light flashes on the dash. Next time give it some more beans and see what happens. With the blower and cool weather I start getting that action at about 20% throttle, so I just give it more and...
  15. ForYourOwnGood

    2015-2020 Mustang GT Stainless Power Longtubes!! LOGIN PRICING

    Damn, if it was the catted version I'd be all over it.
  16. ForYourOwnGood

    Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    No issues here. More likely its an install problem, the DW400 flows a shitload more than the stock pump.
  17. ForYourOwnGood

    My BMW 545i feels faster than 2019 Mustang GT

    Yeah that was my point I think. Ford really piles on the nannies so its easy to drive for everyone. But performance nuts then feel like the car is too tame and not fast/brutal enough. If you don't have drive modes you'd probably never know.
  18. ForYourOwnGood

    New member, '19 PP2 supercharged (w/ install pics)

    Where the heck do you guys find dealers that can do this kind of work? I can barely trust the ones I've find to do an oil change while I wait let alone all this.
  19. ForYourOwnGood

    Had my 401a for over a year now and never found this screen

    Go to where the tire pressure is and press the down arrow on the wheel.