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    Same, it looks like a car for an elderly person. But in a good way if that makes sense
  2. Back up sensor making a different sound?

    I hope your right. Little things like this drive me insane. When the pony light on my mirror got deformed I was extremely salty for a month
  3. Back up sensor making a different sound?

    So this morning as I was backing up into my parking spot, the tone of the beeping noise my back up camera was making as I got closer to the curb was different then normal. It seemed to be a bit deeper. Does anyone know if this indicates something or is my beeper just malfunctioning? Any Help...
  4. 50th Anniversary 2017 Shelby Super Snake Unveiled!

    Looks good, I did notice a lack of premium package interior being offered. I know this might seem radical, but there are some people who enjoy both a high performance vehicle AND a luxurious interior. Some people use cars for things other than setting new lap records. :)
  5. Galpin Rocket goes into production

    I think you all are being a little harsh, I think it looks pretty cool and unique, almost steam-punky. I live in Detroit and will probably end up going to the auto show. Ill judge it then. (if i do go ill bring some pics back).
  6. News conference at 11:00 a.m. EST today

    Anyone else bobbing their head at work to this catchy techno beat? seriously though, start already.
  7. Best/Worst comments from family, friends, enemies about your car

    Hindsight my friend, she caught me off guard. Im handing her money and shes taking my heart :(
  8. Best/Worst comments from family, friends, enemies about your car

    Went to local Tim Hortons here in Detroit a month or so back, Super Cute girl at the window as I pull up. Says "Wow!, This is pretty much my dream Car". The regret from not asking her out right there still bothers me. Went back a couple times for breakfast, havent seen her. Might have to go on a...
  9. Shelby Super Snake

    I do agree with you, but when there is a very limited number of Shelby's available on the market, especially limited editions like this one, Dealerships are forming a monopoly among themselves hence the ridiculously high markups above MSRP. Price Fixing IS illegal
  10. Shelby Super Snake

    This is now an outrage thread, $139,995! Seriously?!?, there really needs to be a "Better Business Bureau" of Car Dealerships that regulates, Fines, and takes legal actions against these kind of scam artists.
  11. 2018 Mustang Information (Options/Packages, Colors)

    ORANGE FURY!!, As a competition orange owner I cant wait to see that.
  12. Winning is going to be Glorious

    Ya I'd prolly only keep the mustang and use it as an everyday vehicle (dont judge me), I'd sell my current stang and the truck to pay off some student loans
  13. Winning is going to be Glorious

    I mean technically someone who entered 15 times is 15 times more likely to win then someone who entered once. That being said you odds are still negligible regardless. :shrug:
  14. Winning is going to be Glorious

    So now that the American Muscle sweepstakes entry period is over we can all begin to fantasize about how good I'm going to look in my new ride. In this thread we should discuss possible modifications I could make including stripes and interior details as well as possible cruise locations I...
  15. Ford Unhappy With Mustang GTT Creators, Considers Legal Action

    If I was financially secure, Yes I'd say 10K would be a good enough value bang for buck. But they also make the car 800HP which is probably MUCH more expensive.
  16. Ford Unhappy With Mustang GTT Creators, Considers Legal Action

    Thats kind of what I figured too. At that price you have to start asking do I want this or a GT350-R, not an easy choice IMO
  17. Ford Unhappy With Mustang GTT Creators, Considers Legal Action

    BTW does anyone have a ballpark price on one of these? Im asking.......for reasons