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  1. LightningBlueGT

    Single Tire Replacement?

    I haven't been here in quite a while. Good to be back! I'm sure this question has come up before but I'm failing to find anything. Slap me around if I've made a redundant thread :) I have a 2018 Mustang GT (non PP). Caught a chunk of metal at the very edge of the tread where it meets the...
  2. LightningBlueGT

    2019 MT82

    Is your front bumper gap on the passenger side, by chance?
  3. LightningBlueGT

    Rear passenger side rattle/buzz

    I checked both sides and all but two of my attachment trees could be pushed back up into the panels. Wow. My rattle/tink noise remains unchanged and is likely truly in the dash. But this is definitely good to know.
  4. LightningBlueGT

    Rear passenger side rattle/buzz

    Same situation as you, but with driver side, though the passenger side is starting to do it too. I shoved fabric behind the canister on the driver side as best I could, but it seems to be a temporary fix as it comes back pretty quickly now. The fact that you've done a LOT more than I have and...
  5. LightningBlueGT

    Right rear rattle repair

    Same exact thing for me, except on the left side. So far I’ve just jammed some cloth behind the airbag canister thing. I just had to move it again due to returned rattle after about 1.5 mos. I’ll try your method soon. Thanks for sharing this. Ive had a slight concern that something inside...
  6. LightningBlueGT

    Interior Rattle Question

    Popped it open. It’s the metal curtain airbag canister making the noise. Probably shouldn’t mess around with that too much. /edit. There was a spot where the metal of the canister was lightly touching the frame of the car. I put some very thin fabric between the spots. Seems to be solved...
  7. LightningBlueGT

    Interior Rattle Question

    Haha good point. Updated the title to specify interior rattle...not engine rattle :-)
  8. LightningBlueGT

    Interior Rattle Question

    With 500 miles on her I’ve developed a pretty bad rattle at the location in the picture. It shows up on bumps at lower speeds, and then just hums along with the frequency of the car at highway speed. Rather not have the dealer mess with it. Is there an easy/free way to see a diagram of...
  9. LightningBlueGT

    Worst Mustang or Worst Car ever built ?

    I’ve got 450 miles on mine and today I finally got my first rattle. Came to life after driving on some rough pavement yesterday. It seems to be coming from under the plastic along the rear window on the drivers side. Every bump. I’ll chase it down soon enough. I’ve owned one other ford...
  10. LightningBlueGT

    2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    2/27 for me. No rattle.......yet. Only 300 miles on her though.
  11. LightningBlueGT

    2018 mustang color...

    I'll throw my endorsement on that combo. Handsome as all getout. :).
  12. LightningBlueGT

    April 2018 Mustang Sales

    I'll jump on the bandwagon and toot my horn for contributing in April as well. Feels good, man.
  13. LightningBlueGT

    Automatic COTUS Checker

    Magnetic was definitely a close second to LB for me. Great looking ride! Glad you got it.
  14. LightningBlueGT

    2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Glad to see more of you getting your rides. I’m 200 miles in and I love, love, love this car.
  15. LightningBlueGT

    Engine sounds

    I’ve got the whistle as well. Glad I’m not the only one. I’ll just consider it part of the beast until I hear differently.
  16. LightningBlueGT

    2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Definitely possible. Just glad nobody rolled it over or drove it through a brick wall :-). Obviously not the pre delivery guy in this story, but I was creeping around the dealer last night looking for my car and there was a car carrier unloading. That guy was driving a brand new raptor...
  17. LightningBlueGT

    2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    They were initially going to paint it at the body shop but they changed plans on that. Bumper was painted by Ford. I’m glad they went that route. Matches perfectly, installed correctly. A+.
  18. LightningBlueGT

    2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    This was done by the pre delivery guys at the dealer.. Just comical. Not al that surprising. Glad I didn’t let them put a front bracket on.
  19. LightningBlueGT

    2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Haha one more thing I want to share...this is the back license plate slot. I have no idea how they managed to do this, but the left screwhole is completely outside of the template so the plate would hang way off level. I won’t make a big stink about it. I can drill it myself and should be...
  20. LightningBlueGT

    2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!! The dealer did a great job with the bumper. Everything is perfect. I am a happy guy! Side note, I had a damn pebble hop up and scratch my windshield on the drive home. That should help reduce the paranoia of waiting for that first ding. At least it missed the hood.