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  1. 96MUSTANG06

    Ruby Red Imperial Guard!

    Thank you brother! Excited to check out your new Shelby build!!!
  2. 96MUSTANG06

    Ruby Red Imperial Guard!

    Thank you! Yeah its been a minute but now that this awesome mobile version is up and running makes updates way easier. I know Im late catching on lol
  3. 96MUSTANG06

    Ruby Red Imperial Guard!

    Just giving the build a bump. I updated the build part list on page 1, and with winter coming Im going to flesh out the build timeline with pics and then chronicle the Ruby V3 build. Now that I bought a single cab short bed F150, Im also building, I can daily that and make some more aggressive...
  4. 96MUSTANG06

    Ford Mustang GT V8 (15-17) | ARMYTRIX Decat/Cat-Back Valvetronic Exhaust - Photos & Sound Videos!

    They deleted the one cat because the other side u have to cut and weld a flange to bolt on. For 3-4k they should provide shorty headers and dual cat deletes. Or a guy that comes to your house and welds it all in . Maybe with a happy ending for that price.
  5. 96MUSTANG06

    Article: The Ford Mustang Performance Pack Two Is What Happens When You let Engineers Tinker

    Great article! Ford...just add the coolers. Its not that complicated lol
  6. 96MUSTANG06

    [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    18 Manifold Painted Ruby This bad boy is being installed today and dyno'd tomorrow :D
  7. 96MUSTANG06

    GT350 Intake Manifold and Throttle Body on 2018 GT?

    I had a GT350 mani and throttle body on my 16, and I am now having an 18 manifold installed with a GT350 throttle body and a Lund Tune. I believe the gains on the Bullitt come from the use of the GT350 throttle body more so that the 350 mani. However, Ford doesn't want to have to use an...
  8. 96MUSTANG06

    [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    Is the GT350 throttle body a direct fit for the 18 manifold or will I need to use the adapter for the 15-17 GT manifold for the 350 throttle body to fit on the 18 manifold? Thank you all for your input!
  9. 96MUSTANG06

    Built Motor Low Dyno Numbers

    Find a really good tuner in CA/NV and have it dyno tuned on site. That's the only way this setup will reach its full potential. Im on a Lund tune fyi and believe in them, but when Im done adding/exchanging engine components Im taking it to be on site dyno tuned.
  10. 96MUSTANG06

    2015-2020 Mustang GT Cat Delete Pipes: First To Market and The Original Cat Deletes

    Ordered these and had them sent for ceramic coating inside and out. Doing a custom 3 inch H pipe, with 3 inch back to the stock mufflers, but with electronic cutouts to go full bizerker with the touch of a button!
  11. 96MUSTANG06

    Project Hidalgo V2

    You chopped the top lol!
  12. 96MUSTANG06

    [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    I'm curious if Ford is planning to run the 350 manifold on the Bullitt to make more power what will the dyno results look like on the 18 mani vs the 350? What do you guys think?
  13. 96MUSTANG06

    2018 Shelby Super Snake Wide Body build to begin

    I would leave everything cosmetically as it is. However, I would upgrade your oil pump gears, sprockets, chains, and chain guides. This just protects the engine from catastrophe given all the power. Same goes on the drive train. When a kit becomes available upgrade the intermediate...
  14. 96MUSTANG06

    '18 Mufflers on a '15-'17?

    Yeah Ive got the Roush should just bolt right up.
  15. 96MUSTANG06

    '18 Mufflers on a '15-'17?

    Im also interested in doing this!
  16. 96MUSTANG06

    2018 Mustang6g Calendar is Now Available!

    I ordered 10 lol "Its a major award" :D
  17. 96MUSTANG06

    ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    You know I'm in haha, I'm on the poster lol