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  1. Hye Power

    It's been a decade but I have a Mustang again

    Congratulations, post some picks when you get a chance.
  2. Hye Power

    What is wrong with people....why would you do this to this car!!

    Why you acting like the bullit is something special. Most people bought them cause got great deals on them as dealers couldnt get rid of them. My opinion the bullits are ugly, the chrome trim, the color of the car, and the rims . One dealer I know referred to the bullits he had as anchors said...
  3. Hye Power

    HP Mach 1 WITH front splitter installed!!

    Looks good and see has the extended fender well lip, thought I read somewhere that someone claimed they didnt end up coming with that. Congrats
  4. Hye Power

    Questions for GT Owners

    2018 whipple stage 2, mt82, mantic clutch, daily driven and tracked. Broken shift forks once :)
  5. Hye Power

    Lethal Performance- Spend Your Money Elsewhere

    I wont buy from them anymore either, their customer service is great before you purchase after the fact is the complete opposite.
  6. Hye Power

    How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    Forever, I still have my 85 mustang, not like mustangs go out of style.
  7. Hye Power

    '19 GT350 engine replacement

    Number 8 cylinder is a known issue and thats why they make the crossover oil tubes for the voodoo motor.
  8. Hye Power

    Buying a hood, will the factory painted hood match mine?

    What he said, my car is shadow black and when ive had pieces painted the painter always want to see which shadow black it as there are different tints. I didnt believe him until he came out with samples that all are the same paint code but when he used a certain light you could see a huge...
  9. Hye Power

    Vorshlag vs Steeda camber plates

    If you need them quickly goodluck with vorshlag i ordered mine on 12/28 and they still havent even been shipped out yet.
  10. Hye Power

    So who would you choose? Only One!

    Elvis- looks like ill be at his concert by myself:rockon:
  11. Hye Power

    ZL1 Addons Wicker Bill

    Thats cause the rivnuts they give you are garbage out of the 5 they sent me only one worked, I went to fasteners store bought exact same size rivnuts and other 4 all worked first try. The ones zl1 send don't flare out like they supposed to.
  12. Hye Power

    Do all 1 piece driveshafts vibrate?

    My one piece aluminum one doesnt from dss.
  13. Hye Power

    How much difference does a supercharger make ?

    Definetly adds weight i want to say the 2 boxes had a combined weight of 150+lbs plus then couple gallons of coolant added. My fender gap front and rear was identical before the supercharger and you can see in the pic the front has almost no gap as compared to the rear after install.
  14. Hye Power

    How much difference does a supercharger make ?

    Whipple stage 2 here and definitely night and day difference.