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  1. Birddogjr350

    Mach 1 Pace Car

    it's got GT500 Recaro Seats!! Very COOL!!
  2. Birddogjr350

    '21MY Mach 1 press drives

    No Handling pack cars!! come on FORD!!!
  3. Birddogjr350

    Mach1 order Poll- Stick or Auto?

    Stick always!! More fun to drive than an auto even if it is a DCT!!
  4. Birddogjr350

    Pirelli tires now on PP1 mustangs?

    There is no tire better than a Michelin tire!!! ole and P.S yawl, check out the new price on the PP1 package $6,295 all that extra money for Pirelli tires i think not!!!
  5. Birddogjr350

    Production numbers for 2020 350r Heritage

    one of 8 congrats!!
  6. Birddogjr350

    North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    North Wilkesboro were ya at!!
  7. Birddogjr350

    Mach 1 Options Prices

    Way to much buck and not enough bang!! These things are not going to be flying of the shelves!!
  8. Birddogjr350

    Things you'd like to see added to this gen or in the next gen Mustang

    more stand alone options so you can build one from the factory the way you want it!!
  9. Birddogjr350

    Introduce yourself!!

    what kind of deal did you get with going with carvana?
  10. Birddogjr350

    2021 Mach 1 Mustang Prototype Spied on The Prowl?!

    One thing was missing the "Shaker Hood"
  11. Birddogjr350

    So fender vents were considered...

    Interesting!! Wonder why Ford scraped the fender vents?
  12. Birddogjr350

    Hilarious dealer listing

    They have lost there ever loving mind!!!
  13. Birddogjr350

    2020 GT500 VIN#00001 Window Sticker

    Craig Jackson had the winning bid the owner of Barrett Jackson