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  1. FlatRock

    Mach 1 Gas Guzzler Tax

    Is the Tremec MT still under the GGT?
  2. FlatRock

    REVan Evan Mach 1 Street and Track Testing at Willow Springs

    “She’s kicking baby”. Love this guy. Great video, no technical walk thru, just driving it like we would and having a blast. Thanks for TT for posting.
  3. FlatRock

    My Mach1 is here

    He drives a MT because his lp is “3 pedal life”.
  4. FlatRock

    My Mach1 is here

    Judging by the plate, wild guess here but bet you have the Tremec. What are your thoughts on the MT. Congratulations!
  5. FlatRock

    Mach 1 VIN 001 sells at Barrett-Jackson auction for $500k

    And you can probably get SN 002 for MSRP, some people just cant hold onto money. I’ve never grasped the significance of having serial one of an automobile, I guess you have to care about such things to understand.
  6. FlatRock

    No order number?

    I’m on the enclosed shipping vs. driving back from Granger fence myself (Iowa to Arizona). My rational brain tells me to order the HP and drive it home, since that nearly equals the cost of enclosed transport. or skip the HP and ship to AZ. My budget is fairly fixed on the build. It’s a kick in...
  7. FlatRock

    This is getting so frustrating.....

    Yeah don’t take a few minutes and learn about the products your employer sells, should be fired immediately. Zach is the polar opposite, and refreshing to correspond with as I’m sure you’ve found out.
  8. FlatRock

    help identify this mustang

    How to ruin a Mustang in 5 easy steps.
  9. FlatRock

    12" LCD Digital Instrument Cluster Standard?

    Unfortunately yes, I was really hoping the 600A would have analog gauges, maybe even with a classic font like the last Mach 1 did. Not a big fan of the digital cluster for a variety of reasons, primarily because it’s just more unnecessary tech IMO.
  10. FlatRock

    Mecum Auction - Kissimmee

    Good question, assuming that is the case because I have not heard different. It is half off the regular price but it was very nice getting those passes for free. I go to both BJ and Mecum and both have their good and so=so aspects.
  11. FlatRock

    Mecum Auction - Kissimmee

    MCA members now pay $100 for a bidder pass, no longer free. Saw it in the latest club issue.
  12. FlatRock

    Pete Brock GT350 HEP Stripe Re-Design

    Man that is so cool that Mr. Brock is taking a personal interest in your car. I have two signed by him Cobra posters hanging up in my den, and have admired his long career for some time. Since I first saw it in person at BJ last year, I too have thought the HEP had stripes a bit too narrow for...
  13. FlatRock

    2021 Mach 1 Pricing Announced and Order Bank Opens

    It’s still about two thousand over my comfort level in base price, add to that the guzzler tax and no x plan, it makes it a hard pill to swallow over a pp1 Gt with some additional factory options and better financing options. I was planning to order as soon as Handling Package prices were...
  14. FlatRock

    Ford is now referring to he Mach-e as "The Mustang" in its ads.

    Absolutely could not disagree with you more. But to each their own. You keep your feelings, I’ll keep my 2 door Mustang.
  15. FlatRock

    Ford is now referring to he Mach-e as "The Mustang" in its ads.

    Ugh. I really really hate that damn thing. I will never refer to that ugly POS as a Mustang.
  16. FlatRock

    Leno now offering car care products

    Been using JLG product for two years now on my car and my wife’s car. No complaints at all, use the metal polish and white wall cleaner on my 57 Chevy also. I’ve used the car wash, paste wax, and interior cleaner also. Definitely worth a try.
  17. FlatRock

    Mach 1 pics from track tour

    My wife and I met Chuck at a Cabelas years ago (98 or 99 maybe) he was signing autographs. As we walked up, he saw my wife and asked jokingly if she was with me. Then told me good thing he not younger or that she was not around in his younger days. She absolutely loved him. Me not so much, just...
  18. FlatRock

    Mach 1 pics from track tour

    Great, thanks for sharing! Hope the track experience was fun.
  19. FlatRock

    This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    I recall reading the cutouts in the grill are only semi circular, being flat on the top. Hopefully the aftermarket offers a light that fits the opening. I still envision putting lights in there for road trips, and keeping them open for cooling when at the track or in town.
  20. FlatRock

    Factory damaged bumper

    Did they give a reason for the rejection, it happened at Assembly did it not?