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  1. ckaiser522

    Emergency brake handle annoyance

    A lot of these issues may be able to fix at the adjustment point under the car. My E-break handle had a lot of slop in it a while back, so much so that I-10 through Beaumont TX on sport line springs would bounce enough in the construction zone that it would turn the cruise control off. So i...
  2. ckaiser522

    Dash reflection

    I also had this issue then used an old school trick from the 60's ford factory racing cars. Hood black out! The center of the hood (15-17) applied a Matte black vinyl. Does't solve the problem completely but reduces it significantly. you can buy them pre-cut from most retailers or have the...
  3. ckaiser522

    Got a visit from a LEO today about my Mustang

    I have been pulled over for "Exhibition of speed". in the LEO opinion I accelerated to the speed limit too quickly (this is apparently illegal). After taking that to traffic court the judge dropped the charge due to footage from the LEO patrol unit dash cam/video footage. No tire spin, No chirp...
  4. ckaiser522

    Did some decals yesterday. Trying to be different.

    Interesting the source post is of a GT350 they don't even have Coyote 5.0 engines. The flat plane 5.2s were designated Voodoo by ford.
  5. ckaiser522

    Hood vents don't match. Is this normal?

    They are literally referred to as "Heat Extractors" by Ford if you order a new one (I broke one, long story ultimately ending in I am a dummy) . Seems like a strange moniker if that was not the attempt in design. If it were an underhood air pressure issue (it helps with this no doubt) why do the...
  6. ckaiser522

    MMD Foose Spoiler in place of PP1 Spoiler

    Pretty sure different holes for different trims would require different tooling at the factory level. So I would tend to agree with this.
  7. ckaiser522

    "Were the back wheels coming around by themselves?" ...

    Many years ago circa 1998/1999, while driving my 86 Fox on a rainy morning, had a girl tell me it gets a little squirmy when its wet. I responded with "so do you". Never been slapped so hard in my life up to that point. The stupid things we say when we are teenagers, my buddy in the back seat...
  8. ckaiser522

    Active Suspension

    Are or will these be available as a kit with other suspension components? Like the build your own suspension kit on the website or something like that.
  9. ckaiser522

    Holly Cold Air Intake Kit

    I run the Holly Intech CAI and did some testing on it vs the stock set up. no tune i was gains of about 12Hp/15Trq averaged over 3 dyno pulls. With tune it was closer to 19Hp/25Trq. there are gains with either set up but nothing noticeable in seat. I do like the sound it creates, and in pair...
  10. ckaiser522

    V8 Mustang prototype spied (video)....but what is it?

    This is partially correct for ‘69 the Mach 1 was a gussied up GT, however the GT was discontinued in ‘70 in favor of only the Mach 1. This was done by ford because the Mach 1 drastically outsold the GT in ‘69.
  11. ckaiser522

    Where are the tow hooks located on our cars?

    As a mariner that has been on auto transport ships i can tell you that they do not strap cars down by the wheels on those ships this is because they transport all different size vehicles in a single voyage. these port holes in most imported cars are indeed for Tie-down eyes. Most domestic cars...