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  1. Tire with some longevity?

    You can't go on UTQG alone. That is only useful when comparing tires from the same manufacturer. A Michelin 200 won't wear the same as a Sumitomo 200. Conversely, a Sumitomo 300 will last longer than a Sumitomo 200. If you don't mind the price, the Michelin AS4 is excellent. If price is of...
  2. General GMax-RS vs Firestone Firehawk Indy 500.

    I ran a few sets of the AS-05 on my previous BMW 335i, and was very pleased with them. Great traction for an all season tire, and excellent treadwear for the performance level. They also remained quiet throughout their tread life, which was shorter than the warranty period but that was due to my...
  3. General GMax-RS vs Firestone Firehawk Indy 500.

    Don't write the Indy 500 off because of Tire Rack's price. I was looking at them the other day, and my local Firestone store had them listed for something like $30 less. I usually have Tire Rack ship to my local Firestone to install, and I've had no issues with their tire installation (about...
  4. Is this nail puncture repairable?

    I'd plug that myself as well. I've done it many times. Keep an eye on tire pressure to make sure the plug seals properly. It should go without saying, but once you plug a tire, you shouldn't do any track driving with it. If you autocross or attend HPDEs, replace the tire.
  5. Costco Tires

    Nice! I figured you waived the benefits if they didn’t mount the tires.
  6. Costco Tires

    I haven't used Costco for my Mustang yet, but did use them for tires on my wife's Tahoe back in December. For the price and benefits (roadhazard included in tire price), it's a no-brainer. If you have aftermarket wheels that aren't stock-sized, they may decline to mount the tires per their...
  7. BuyBack Process - 2017 GT Prem Convertible

    You need to look up the Lemon Laws in your state and start there. Most require a certain number of visits to the dealer for the same issue, and a certain number of days out of service related to that issue. If those criteria apply to you, it's time to engage a lemon law lawyer. In most cases...
  8. Spring spacers, results may vary.

    Dumb question; after installing the spacers, did you loosen and retorque all rear suspension pivot points? There could be some bushing bind keeping you from realizing the full benefit of the spacers.
  9. Texas 2019 GT Premium PP1 - Manual - North Dallas

    I'm afraid it isn't available - OP traded the car to Dodge City McKinney shortly after posting this, and I bought the car back in November. I'm glad that I finally know the full extent of the mods. Nicely done OP!
  10. Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 instead of MPS4S- will I be disappointed?

    I don't have experience with the current Indy 500 tire, but I did have the previous version on my Mazdaspeed6 back in the day, and I was very pleased with them. As far as being a cheap ass; far from it. If that were the case, you'd be shopping Ohtsu, Mohawk, or something along those lines...
  11. Ordering a new car. If you could have either the B&O stereo or active exhaust?

    I have both, and I'd take the B&O over AE. I turned down two other PP1 GTs because I just didn't like the 9 speaker stereo.
  12. What is too many miles on '15 - '21 S550 Mustang GT

    I'll chime in with others here and say that maintenance is key, not necessarily miles. Highway vs. city vs. track miles are very different things. In my area, 15,000 miles a year isn't uncommon, and I generally do around 20-22,000 miles with my commute. This car is my daily driver, and in that...
  13. JL Audio Stealthbox and JL Evolution Speaker Install Complete

    Have you tried attenuating the front tweeters at the crossover? There should be a -3db position that is recommended for tweeters mounted up high and closer to the driver than the mid/woofer. That would tame some of the harshness on the high end. Looks like you have a quality setup there...
  14. How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    First time Mustang owner here, too, but they've had my eye for a while. I drove a family member's 2005 GT back right after they bought it, and I liked the car. For whatever reason (money, practicality, timing), I never managed to buy one. This year I turned 40, and decided to scratch the itch...
  15. Window Sticker

    Thank you sir!
  16. Window Sticker

    Hi Joe, I hope you're enjoying a well deserved break! When you have time, could you please send me a PDF for 1FA6P8CF6K5117906? Thank you, and Happy New Year! -Chris
  17. Introduce yourself!!

    Hi everyone, I just picked up this 2019 Magnetic GT PP1 with RTR Gurney Flap and hood vents, Eibach springs, and what look like 25mm wheel spacers. This is my first Mustang (traded a 2012 BMW 335i). Here's a terrible pic from the day I drove it home. I've been a Mustang fan for a while, and...