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  1. Mach 1 VIN 001 sells at Barrett-Jackson auction for $500k

    VIN 001 of the Bronco 2DR...1.075M. VIN 001 of the Hummer EV...2.5M. The docket specified a Handling Pack FJG car which was not present.
  2. '19 GT stalling at idle

    replacing the fuel rail pressure sensor on the lower fuel rail seems to have fixed it. involved process...was without the car for a while...took a lot of troubleshooting.
  3. RPM fluctuates at idle (Mustang GT 2019)

    My '19 had a similar issue, to the point that it was stalling at idle. First it was the fuel pump/sending unit that was diagnosed as bad; this was replaced but did not fix it. Return visit resulted in replacement of a failed fuel rail pressure sensor. So far so good. Car has a little over 5k...
  4. '19 GT stalling at idle

    update if anyone is interested. initial diagnosis was a malfunctioning fuel pump/sending unit. This was replaced but did not fix the problem. Car is back in the shop, now diagnosed with a bad fuel rail pressure sensor. Shop said this likely caused the fuel pump to fail but was not detected on...
  5. '19 GT stalling at idle

    latest update...the car is at the drove stalled out and would not restart. They had to tow it back to the shop.
  6. Car idle surges (random times) anyone had these issues?

    Mine doesn't surge, it stalls. It just started doing this...4700 miles on car, no mods, recently serviced. No codes or CEL. Voltage is all over the place; I suspect this may be a contributing factor. Car going in to dealer tomorrow.
  7. '19 GT stalling at idle

    10R80 auto. Idle is around 500 rpm. Seems low IMO.
  8. '19 GT stalling at idle

    Car is not modded; problem started after first dealer service. It stalls out intermittently at traffic lights, stop signs, or extended idling primarily during warm-up. Voltage is all over the place, ranging from 13.0-14.7v. Seems to run slightly rough at times and stumbles under acceleration...
  9. 2019 GT rear end ratios

    with the 3.55 IMO it feels like it pulls harder off the line if it can get the power down (I have stock 18" wheels and tires)...I test drove both and like having the 3.55 gears (especially with the trans. in 'S'). have not timed 0-60 yet though.
  10. Putting GT350 mufflers into my GT with Active exhaust working

    I have a 300A car (no toggles) with active exhaust and exhaust modes are in the settings menu between the gauges,
  11. 2019 GT rear end ratios

    did not intend to mislead. I only mentioned the available choices on a non-PP auto, which appears to be what he has.
  12. 2019 GT rear end ratios

    get your VIN then search the forums...think there is a member that has a way to retrieve window stickers. look in the order/price/tracking sub-forum
  13. 2019 GT rear end ratios

    3.15 is standard, 3.55 is optional with the 10 speed auto on a non PP car. check your window sticker.
  14. Advise on 2019 Mustang GT purchase

    My OTD price was $34,751 after discounts/rebates; MSRP was $40,730. I considered a 301A car (OW/Dk Ceramic) with the exhaust and 3.55s for $400 more but the color and option packages on the VB just appealed more to me. If I decide I want the big screen I'll retrofit it later. Yes the small...
  15. Advise on 2019 Mustang GT purchase

    my 'leftover' '19 was 5K off of MSRP + 3500 in rebates. added Katzkin interior for $1295 installed. IMO it is better leather than what Ford uses.

    Day IMG_0434r by Hollywood_85374 posted Nov 9, 2019 at 8:06 PM Night IMG_0367r by Hollywood_85374 posted Nov 9, 2019 at 8:06 PM
  17. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Request a discount code please. Thanks.
  18. What Enhanced Security Package mean?

    you can hear the additional interior locks activating from the outside after you lock the car. I have not messed around inside the car to see how the locks actually work, as I don't want to set off the motion sensors. It has a setting for perimeter sensors only or all sensors in the setup menu...
  19. Introduce yourself!!

    Hello from Surprise AZ. Another Mustang, and finally the one I really wanted.