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  1. Got an up close look at 3 Mach 1’s today.

    I'm curious if the shipping blocks were in place causing the gap in ride height. I know when I went to look at a Mach 1 with the HP it was sitting kind of high but the blocks were still in place.
  2. Mach 1 w/HP but not shipped complete?

    Yes it is a 'Handling Package' version. I know the dealer is inquiring but have got no real answers so far.
  3. HP Mach 1 WITH front splitter installed!!

    Curious did you have to wait for your front lip?
  4. Mach 1 w/HP but not shipped complete?

    A dealership near me happened to have a Mach 1 available in the color I wanted (Twister Orange) and I am about to pull the trigger on the unit, but it is missing the secondary front lip and front wheel well moldings. The vehicle was just delivered to them this week. Are parts of the handling...