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  1. friedmud

    My GT won’t accelerate pass 20 mph!

    Any updates on this? Interested...
  2. friedmud

    Chipped Paint

    Oh - and on Paint Protection Film (PPF): I highly recommend it... at least on the front of the car (if not on the A-pillars and some on the roof). I only did the front of mine and the front of the mirrors - but I think more would have been helpful.
  3. friedmud

    Chipped Paint

    For that size I would recommend ordering a "paint pen" from your dealer (or any Ford dealer) and filling it yourself. I've already filled several tiny ones like this on mine. But - I'm definitely not an authority on such things so I'm interested to see what others say too.
  4. friedmud

    Is this a Mustang dressed up as a Challenger, or a Challenger borrowed by a Mustang driver?

    Yeah - there was some straight-up panic going on here. The guy only tapped the brakes once (which might not have actually helped at that point) - right after it let go... it was his lack of braking (or maybe even accelerating) that made it go under the truck with enough oomph to flip it. It's...
  5. friedmud

    Chipped Paint

    Can you put a finger next to it so we can get an idea of the size?
  6. friedmud

    Professional Ceramic Coating - Which Would You Choose?

    Sounds good - I had the same thought: I want to _drive_ the car... and I don't want to (overly) worry about it while I do it. Taking it on a road trip this weekend: 4 hours each way through the mountains (can't wait!). Your price seems pretty in line with mine. It was ~$2300 for ceramic...
  7. friedmud


    Sure - I wasn't thinking that you were (sometimes forum posts don't come across right). It was just a comment about how the tone is different in the different modes too - and not just how loud they are.
  8. friedmud


    Nice videos - but _loudness_ is only one property of what changes. The actual tone of the exhaust changes a lot too. Lately, I've decided that Track has some "boominess" or "bassiness" that reverberates in the cabin that just isn't to my liking. So: I've dropped down to using Sport most of...
  9. friedmud

    Does a 265 tire fit on the front PP wheel, and can you run it?

    On the stock wheels?
  10. friedmud

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I just wanted to follow up on this story (where a push-in mount for my Rokblokz broke during install)… I left them a message on their website about it on a Friday night. Apparently they already had my address from my order (even though I ordered on Amazon), and on the following Monday they...
  11. friedmud

    Kid street racing runs over women and child

    I absolutely agree with this. I think there is a parallel to skateboard/BMX parks. Growing up in the 80s I remember when skateboard parks were _not_ a thing. Instead: the kids were skateboarding all over public areas. It was seen as a huge nuisance (not the least because it would degrade...
  12. friedmud

    1st mods?

    welcome! If you just want something simple to start with… My first mod was some Rock Blocks:
  13. friedmud

    Price for 2019 GT PP1?

    There is some room. I just (January) paid $36k for my 2019 Base PP1 Manual that was still sitting new on a dealership lot. Mine has some upgrades though: Safe and Smart, 301a (upgraded sound and screen), adaptive cruise. But: prices have gone up since I bought too. I would say you have a...
  14. friedmud

    Summer tires are back on.

    Put the summer tires on my Ford Edge Sport a week ago (Michelin Pilot Sport AS 4)… and 3 days later we got 6 inches of snow… typical! (And why even my summer tires are AS!) Mustang continues to only have the PS4S it came with… and has been in the garage most of the week because of it…
  15. friedmud

    When did Ford change the recommended engine oil for the GT?

    Fascinating! Can you show a picture of the letter? I think I will do 5W-30. I don't think Ford will care. For one thing: it even says to use it if you're going to be hard on the engine (like during racing)... so they can't claim that they told you not to use it. I'll just say that I'm...
  16. friedmud

    Annoyned by dealership refusing a test drive

    ?? I quoted EmCel who said: “I only go to the dealerships if I'm buying a car the same day. My own loan in hand and all.” so…? I get it - my dad has a Mustang that he’s been working on for about 7 years now. It’s badass and definitely helped in my decision making process. I posted in...
  17. friedmud

    Annoyned by dealership refusing a test drive

    You’re just making yourself look worse. Honestly can’t believe that anyone that sells “thousands” of cars would talk about one of their employees like this. I agree with the other poster - where do you work so I can stay the hell away. But how do you know what to buy without driving...
  18. friedmud

    Annoyned by dealership refusing a test drive

    I hear you on the time wasting... but it seems to me that people only buy a new car every ~5 years or so (some longer and some people way shorter) so there is a limited set of customers... getting good piece of mind with people in your area seems like it would be worth _something_. People can...
  19. friedmud

    Annoyned by dealership refusing a test drive

    I'm interested in (eventually) going over 3.73 for the street with my M-6 because I think first/second/third are simply too tall (even on my 3.55 PP1). I hate that 3rd gear tops out at an illegal speed. It means that you only get a couple of fun shifts before you gotta shut it down.