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  1. Pkvir

    Picking up my first brand new Mustang!

    Congrats. I too went from Ram to GT. Make sure they don't drill holes in your front bumper.
  2. Pkvir

    What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    They only offered me $39K, and i have 2020 w/MR.
  3. Pkvir

    Advice for a near-future owner?

    I would say engine performance wise, not a big difference. Edge would go to the 18-21. The new 10R80 is a better auto, but that doesn't concern you as you want a manual. The ditigal dash on the 401A package (18-21) is a big one for me, you may not care about it at all. As for as durability...
  4. Pkvir

    Bullitt with Magneride vs without Magneride

    If you buy one without MR, you will love your car and not miss the MR. If you buy one with MR, you will be happy you have it. I have driven GT's with and without, and I prefer MR.
  5. Pkvir

    Order place for my 2021 Mustang GT Premium

    and the excitement builds
  6. Pkvir

    BBQ tick :(

    I'm about ready for my first oil change. Not looking foward to it.
  7. Pkvir

    Order place for my 2021 Mustang GT Premium

    Congrats and welcome. That's a fine optioned GT.
  8. Pkvir

    Carbonized gray GT just arrived at dealer!

    Congrats. Love the new gray.
  9. Pkvir

    New Car Package Options, need some help...

    I have the PP1 w/ the A10 and MR, I wouldn't change a thing. You mention how the price of the PP1 has increased, but the car has not. An equally equipped 2021 PP1 only costs $340 more than a 2020.
  10. Pkvir

    First Oil Change And The "Tick"

    Yes, I have 5 years on the warranty and I am hearing challenged anyway, just ask my girlfriend. My biggest issue is my OCD, which is bad.
  11. Pkvir

    First Oil Change And The "Tick"

    With many people having the "tick" start after their first oil change, I am a bit anxious about having my oil changed. After 7 months and 2,300 miles of loving the car, should I be concerned about my first oil change? I realize Ford states it's normal behavior. Sorry to beat a dead horse over...
  12. Pkvir

    For Those who have an A10 GT.....2018-2021

    2020 GT w/ A10. Zero issues and giving the chance, I would buy it again. Really a great transmission.
  13. Pkvir

    Tick and rpm skipping? Help!

    I would be concerned about that "thumping". I am very nervous about my first oil change.
  14. Pkvir

    Jus a really stupid question but I think I may have stumbled upon a very rare s550 with very low miles. I believe it’s the 2016 pp2? Can anyone share

    Nice car, about as rare as mine, meaning "not rare" Actually mine is likely more rare having factory Magne-Ride and no mods.
  15. Pkvir

    Ordering 2021, looking for opinions

    You should be able to get a 401A for the quoted price of the 301A once the 2020's are off the lots.
  16. Pkvir


    I now believe Velocity Blue is my second favorite color.
  17. Pkvir

    2021 PP1 vs Mach1

    I was thinking go with the PP1 and MR. I personally don't see the value in the AE.
  18. Pkvir

    Anyone else keeping their S550 at/near stock?

    I have no intentions for any mods, I love it just the way it is.
  19. Pkvir

    2021 PP1 vs Mach1

    The price of a 2021 GT premium with the PP is only $340 more then a comparable 2020 GT Premium with a PP1. In addition, you will be able to buy the GT with a greater discount than the Mach 1, so the price difference delta is greater than just comparing the MSRP's. Just some food for thought.