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  1. Sevensixteen

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    how about this one ! yes another Tire chain shop, I brought 2 rims & tires to get mounted, one was right & one wasn’t. I asked the manager what happened ? He tells me that it’s hard to tell when the wheel isn’t on the car, All I could say is ....... REALLY !
  2. Sevensixteen

    Wheel torque values

    It’s not the wheels it’s the studs, 150 lbs. is the correct torque spec no matter what wheel
  3. Sevensixteen

    Iconic Silver Pics

    She’s beautiful !
  4. Sevensixteen

    How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    Ain’t that the truth, me too !
  5. Sevensixteen

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Green here too, ordered 1/20/20
  6. Sevensixteen

    What Fuel Consumption are you getting?

    Gee...... It never crossed my mind !
  7. Sevensixteen

    Need Aftermarket Lug Nut Brand Recommendation

    Gorilla was my choice too
  8. Sevensixteen

    Borla S Type AB/H Pipe vs Roush AB/H Pipe Loudness/Tone?

    I first installed the roush H pipe with the factory mufflers, I figured I’d take baby steps & of course I knew I’d want more. The Borla S-Type sound is just what I wanted, the Roush A/B just sounded too raspy for me. I know it’s loud cause I have a lot of people ask me if its Street legal & my...
  9. Sevensixteen

    Exhaust Set-UP (Borla vs AWE)

    . I’ve installed the Borla S-Type axel back with an H pipe & the video clips don’t do it justice. So much better live in person !
  10. Sevensixteen

    Who knew this about underglow in NJ

    I’m sure its not just in jersey
  11. Sevensixteen

    So why is it that some Mustang Enthusiasts crave the Fox (79-93)?

    I loved my fox, she was a Oxford white 90 LX 5.0, T-5 hatch. What a great car, I had her for ten years & such great memories too . It’s because of her that I’m here in today’s 5.0 !
  12. Sevensixteen

    Build Sheet

    I drove mine home with the plastic covers still on the seats :giggle:
  13. Sevensixteen

    Build Sheet

    Their in the car when it leaves the factory & then the dealer just throws them out . When I ordered my car I requested that they leave the car just the way it was delivered & they did
  14. Sevensixteen

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I sent the cover & the sound tube to where ugly garbage belongs, the trash can !