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  1. chorse

    mach1 TrackAttack

    found this article w/video (link below) where Jim Owens briefly mentions "...classes that owners get..." (time stamp 5:20) but does not circle back, instead he introduces Carl Widmann to continue the 2021 mach1 introduction. as you scroll down on the article, at around the sixth pic (side...
  2. chorse

    Sorry if this has been asked before. How long will Ford build the Mach1?

    last year, at Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA, i asked that same question, Carl Widmann (Ford Chief Engineer) replied this S550 mach1 will only be a two yr prod model (2021 & 2022). that said, i'm wondering what other exterior colors they have in mind for 2022.
  3. chorse

    Flat shifting is pretty slick!

    so just to clarify, this rev matching / NLS programming feature does away with the need to apply old school heel-n-toe track action, correct?
  4. chorse

    Mach 1 Car Cover

    yes/correct, unique delivery cover though. GT350s nor GT500s ever got that special delivery treatment. nice find!, i stopped off my local Ford Parts Shop and they showed me the same pic. looks like each mach1 will get their own exterior color specific cover and corresponding accent stripe color...
  5. chorse

    It's been a decade but I have a Mustang again

    sweet ride, congrats! will you be attending Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA 6/4 - 6/6? i would like to gather several different colored 2021 mach1s together for a photo-shoot. hope to see you there.
  6. chorse

    mach1 TrackAttack

    i placed a call (435 27-SPEED GT500 TrackAttack) today; they (FPRS) are currently working out the details and dates for a mach1 TrackAttack program. invitational letters will be sent out to new 2021 mach1 owners in due time.
  7. chorse

    GT350s then & now

    all, thx for posting pics, please continue with more, i stumbled across these pics out from the "Shelby GT350 Garage Photos" thread...
  8. chorse

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    both with Handling Package option, nice find out of Dundee Ford, thx for posting.
  9. chorse

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    ck out Dundee Ford site for more pics...
  10. chorse

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    Grabber Yellow, got me thirsty, thx for posting.
  11. chorse

    Mach 1 Owners edition pictures

    i just called their 1 800 542 1441 number, they guy on the other end says they will be updating their available prints to include all the mach1 colors and be correcting the Shadow Black model to include red in the livery. currently the site is offering 30% off (promo code 0305), but if you have...
  12. chorse

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    i shot that pic w/flash on, the red tends to reflect back orange. on the previous post, ck the last FJG pic (lower rear corner), the orange reflects back yellow.
  13. chorse

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    2021 Shadow Black mach1 pics...
  14. chorse

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    few more 2021 Fighter Jet Grey mach1 pics...
  15. chorse

    2021 Mach 1 Colors Thread

    Velocity Blue is metallic, ck out pics in thread " '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers" / post#399.
  16. chorse

    GT350s then & now

    2020 GT350R HE meets 1965 GT350 (Tribute)...
  17. chorse

    GT500 Car Cover

    please post more OEM GT500 car covers (Grabber Lime, Twister Orange, Oxford White, Grabber Yellow etc...) thx.
  18. chorse

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    decisions, decisions... must be nice, good luck!
  19. chorse

    Mach 1 assembly line pictures - no hood decals

    i feel the livery is what makes the mach1 package complete, perhaps you can consider ordering the Appearance Package livery kit (which has orange accents vs white accents) and have the dealer or local body shop swap out the decals. that way you get both the matching orange colors and the cool...
  20. chorse

    '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    Brian- we met yrs back (Tysons Ford Mustang Show), i see you are contemplating on adding another Orange to your stable. i agree Twister Orange is not as deep as Comp Orange but that may be the only Orange offered for the mach1 this time around. i say this cause last year at Ford Nationals, Carl...