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  1. Chappers

    Black wrap various parts on my GT

    i'd really like to make all the black matt trim at the bottom of the bumpers and side skirts gloss black, i know others have had them painted but would prefer to have it wrapped. ideally DIY if it's good enough lol
  2. Chappers

    What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    get a meet set up on the meetings page :like: its quite far from Birmingham but would be up for a road trip haha something to look forward to.
  3. Chappers

    Fog lights stopped working

    definitely i'm now an expert in electrical boiler repairs after my boiler stopped working haha
  4. Chappers

    Fog lights stopped working

    glad you got it solved :like: it's always annoying these electrical gremlins
  5. Chappers

    Fog lights stopped working

    i wonder if you've inadvertently disconnected a wire somewhere? either in the switch itself or on the BCM, are you sure you put the connector back on the correct way as i've noticed you are able to reverse the polarity on the connector itself to the fog light
  6. Chappers

    Fog lights stopped working

    Have you messed around with Forscan recently? have you inadvertently turned them off? have you tried the engine bay fuses and the BCM fuses?
  7. Chappers

    2021 Shelby Super Snake Debuts New "Speedster" Two-Seater Body

    Hard top or soft top? I'd prefer a hard top...
  8. Chappers

    Longest owner

    i'm coming up to 4 years on mine now
  9. Chappers

    Roush Stage 2 Supercharger for 2017 GT - Anyone used the Roush Calibration in UK?

    i'm also interested in this as i'm thinking of S/C this year but no idea what i want, they all seem to have pros n cons, Whipple, roush, eldebrok, i'd like 700hp but currently thinking whipple gen 5 (3.0l) atm but i change my mind like the wind
  10. Chappers

    Knobs in the UK

    I got an RTR one from but there are other places that do them too
  11. Chappers

    Paint Touch Up DIY

    Hey guys, Chris fix has just done a tutorial on paint touch up thought it was a great how too
  12. Chappers

    Trying to add BLIS and Adaptive CC - BLIS is installed and ACC done

    i did the same its a nightmare, in the end used hot glue to keep it in place, i should have used a different wire that fit
  13. Chappers

    Paint Touch Up DIY

    Hey it was a perfect match, to be honest the paint was recommended on this forum but cant remember who by now it was a while ago. no i didnt do any sanding after as knowing me i'd balls it up, so i left it with the brush strokes in, now im making it sound a lot worse than it actually is unless...
  14. Chappers

    Paint Touch Up DIY

    i did my wheels myself after a spree of kerbing, i ended up grinding down the jagged rash of the wheel so it was smooth then used a black gloss wheel touch up paint (pot with a brush) to finish it, did two coats over the pure aluminium and you cant tell unless i pointed it out to you, the worst...
  15. Chappers

    Adaptive cruise control radar substitution?

    from my experience as long as the middle 5 digits are the same you shouldnt have any issues, i've used Ford F350 truck blind spot sensors in my pony and they work fine as they have the same middle set of 14C689. the first set of digits refer to the vehicle model pony's are FR3Z. hope this helps...
  16. Chappers

    US keyfob programming to an EU car

    Very interesting! It's crazy that's all you change to get it in! If you could walk through detailed forscan bits that would be great!
  17. Chappers

    US keyfob programming to an EU car

    Me too haha
  18. Chappers

    US keyfob programming to an EU car

    Can you do a how 2?
  19. Chappers


    No idea has it come off from under your dash... This is all I could find on Ford parts website...
  20. Chappers

    Tax, the future, emissions etc

    Yeah for sure, but if you want to spend £7k on a supercharger then in future this might be spent on Electrification instead haha