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  1. Pete Brock GT350 HEP Stripe Re-Design

  2. OEM brake pads on the 2020 GT350R

    Same pads on R and non-R.
  3. Battery?

    Went through the same thing with my 2016, as did several other members here. According to FP, the GT350 got the smaller batteries to save weight (I believe it was to save money when they were trying to keep the 2015/16s under $50k, but that's me). This was unique to the GT350. Not having the...
  4. Short Video From MSR Houston

  5. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    Great perspective. I recently changed from OEM SC2s to PSS. Made the switch for two reasons. 1. I didn't trust the SC2s in the rain (perhaps an unfounded concern). On the day I picked the car up I drove it about 5 hours in wet, near freezing weather to get home, and it did fine, but I drove...
  6. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    I remember that comment too. After your experience would you choose SC2s over PSS in wet weather? Sorry for being off topic.
  7. Best Sources for OEM Rotors - Solid

    Don't know if they have any in stock, but Auto Nation White Bear Lake is normally worth trying:
  8. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    Thanks, I had forgotten about the Day 2 option. How did the SC2s do in the rain?
  9. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    I didn't see any SC2s. Did they use them during your sessions?
  10. Stock GT350 Brake Pads on Backorder

    I've had a lot of luck with them for Shelby parts over the past several years. I've used Lethal for other things, but WBL has been cheaper than them for brakes:
  11. Stock GT350 Brake Pads on Backorder

    Thanks. Did you compare to Whitebearlake?
  12. Stock GT350 Brake Pads on Backorder

    Can you PM the price?
  13. Ford Euros on a 2020 500

    I believe @papinist in the European section has done everything imaginable with lighting.
  14. Bullitt vs. M440i

    Thanks. The power of edit :)
  15. Mounted a Fire Etinguisher

    Extinguisher in the trunk is probably better than on extinguisher at all. Unlike first aid kit, safety triangle and reflective vests, which are required by all countries, some European countries don't require extinguishers. However, several mandate them even for cars that are just passing...
  16. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    Ford does send out info, but you don't have to wait to receive it. By doing so, you may miss the opportunity altogether, particularly since this is the last year. You just need your VIN:
  17. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    Are you on a waiting list? If not, you need to contact them first.
  18. Bullitt vs. M440i

    Well done, Bullittiers
  19. Mounted a Fire Etinguisher

    Hesitated for a long time, but finally bought and mounted a Brey Krause. Not cheap, and have to remove the seat to mount, but couldn't be more satisfied. Well worth the price and effort...
  20. Let’s diagnose a hard brake pedal

    Ouch. Glad you walked away. Was it a GT350?