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  1. CVCashmere

    General GMax-RS vs Firestone Firehawk Indy 500.

    I put on a set of General G-Max AS-5. They are very predictable in dry and rain...better than my P_zero's! I do not race my car on the track, but these tires give me more confidence on the road that the P-Zero's ever did! I drive a vert, but still like to push it when I can. Great tire for...
  2. CVCashmere

    Lowering Spring Install Cost Tri-State Area Fair?

    Talk to Dalton at Evolution Automotive in Aston PA. he has done work on my car. CVCashmere
  3. CVCashmere

    Where's The [email protected]#*&%g Wiper Blades?

    I put Rain-X on the windshield. It extends the life of wipers as the water will either bead off or come off with less surface friction. All my cars get the treatment. It's good for 1-2 strong rainstorms, then reapply. I do not change the blades every year. CVCashmere
  4. CVCashmere

    Ford supplied canvas top wrinkles

    Steam is a good idea. Also, try washing with a fabric softener as someone else pointed out. Today...I vacuumed my roof and sealed it with the "303" Protectant. It's Spring....get it done! CVCashmere
  5. CVCashmere

    New Jersey WTB Rubber Tube Off of Your Former Sound Tube

    thanks. Please send it to me using the private reply option. Thanks! CVCashmere
  6. CVCashmere

    New Jersey WTB Rubber Tube Off of Your Former Sound Tube

    Hi All I would like to experiment with the rubber tube on sound tube system and looking for a donor tube to cut. I only need the first rubber tube that leads into the chamber. I do not need the rest of the assembly. Please let me know if you have one sitting that you can mail. I will pay...
  7. CVCashmere

    Silver Bullet Build

    Very nice exterior touches! CVCshmere
  8. CVCashmere

    Proof that even God loves Mustangs

    So...that's where they got the inspiration for a bright orange Mustang!! CVCashmere
  9. CVCashmere

    US EPA killing engine mods

    Sounds like the early 1970's all over again! I lived that...and hated it!!! I watched every good car go down the toilet after took years to get the performance back!! Each political party has its own area of emphasis when it comes to the EPA. Changing a cat-back exhaust system does...
  10. CVCashmere

    Getting a H-pipe, since the price range can be from $130 up to $275, does brand make any difference on sound/performance? From pypes to Roush?

    i went a different direction: a Mishimoto H pipe. They are very well made w/bracing. The clamps worked first time out and never needed adjustment. Sound is nice. Mishimoto, like Steeda, make high quality products that last. CVCashmere
  11. CVCashmere

    Which way to go with painting engine and coil covers??

    Well...I finally put that white paint to good use! for Christmas, I bought Rumbles a new JLT covering for the jellyfish. Not sure if I am going to paint that, or leave it white. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks CVCashmere
  12. CVCashmere

    Winter Driving Top-Down

    I commend your spirit and enthusiasm!! CVCashmere
  13. CVCashmere

    First 2020 Shelby GT500 In The 8's!

    Damm Impressive! from your customer, CVCAshmere
  14. CVCashmere

    For All Of Us Seniors

    The good news about getting to be a "Senior" is that I don't remember all that stuff Bikeman315 talked about! What I do know is that the fastest car I ever owned is in my garage right now. To me, that helps me to focus on reality! CVCashmere
  15. CVCashmere

    New TPMSs or use current ones?

    The TPMS can become damaged if not removed carefully. One of mine got fried that way. I would still recommend getting 4 new ones and when installing them, be sure they are parallel to the rim surface so that there is no contact. This way, you do not need to worry down the road about battery...
  16. CVCashmere

    2020 GT500 Total Units Built - By Color

    A nice match to my white GT Vert! I knew it was a great color...a real sleeper! CVCAshmere
  17. CVCashmere

    Order a Mustang At 4% Under Invoice - Granger Ford

    Although I live in Joisey, I think it is a great idea that Zach is offering us. Three years ago, i would have talked to him about a vert. Sure beats dealing with the sleezeballs that can be found in some dealerships. CVCashmere
  18. CVCashmere

    Key battery low

    Do what I did....watched a video on Youtube how to replace it without breaking any tabs. Always have a spare battery ready to go since the other one will wear out too. CVCashmere
  19. CVCashmere

    Just gunna leave this here.

    Now... finally a real use for those rear spoilers! CVCashmere