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  1. Mach 1 Pace Car

    I saw the Red Mach 1 perform as the pace car at Martinsville on Sunday on TV. I could not tell if it had the blank headlights in the grill because of the strobe like lights in the grill. The rear spoiler looked awsum.
  2. Ford Mustang Again Claims Best Selling Sports Car and Sports Coupe

    I don't see my 2020 2.3 HPP as a sports car , but when I go thru the gears, press the accelerator, turn the steering wheel , and brake hard I feel like I am driving a sports car.
  3. Is this engine noisy or is it just me?

    When I rev my Ecoboost while in the garage with the car windows down , my engine sound reminds me of a sewing machine. I think if you rev a 4 cylinder engine you will find they sound different than a V8, but you can appreciate the sound anyway.
  4. High Performance Ecoboost Registry

    JJSSI, did the MGW shifter improve your shifting experience with the manual trans ?
  5. Would anyone be interested on buying parts from 2020 High performance package ecoboost?

    I am surprised you would want to change the grill. The grill has the look of a custom grill from the fiftees. By the way, what is your chassis number and what month was your HPP built ?
  6. A couple laps at Talladega

    For the experience to go onto the track and drive on it , I would gladly pay 100 dollars.
  7. High Performance Ecoboost Registry

    So far , it looks like Spedy7 has the highest chassis number at 1983.
  8. Shark Fin Antenna

    I just think the shark fin looks so very cool. I like to think of it as a directional aerodynamic device. It keeps my Mustang pointed straight ahead.
  9. High Performance Ecoboost Registry

    Spedy7, what month was your 2020 HPP produced ?
  10. Carbonized gray GT just arrived at dealer!

    Very nice looking car. I would love to see the color in person. Grey cars just scream for black window tint.
  11. High Performance Ecoboost Registry

    shinoda, what month was your 2.3 HPP produced ?
  12. High Performance Ecoboost Registry

    My 2020 Ecoboost HPP was built in August 2020. As soon as I get a picture of the chassis number I will submit it. My chassis number is L1905. Does anyone have a higher chassis number on here ?
  13. Ricer pact

    Very entertaining thread. I have always found the cars from Japan with added aerodynamic wings and large mufflers to be interesting. I usually walk over and look at them. I appreciate the ricer look when done tastefully. Half way thru this thread , I had to get some macaroni and cheese. I don't...
  14. Blow off valve for ecoboost

    It was fun reading all the opinions on this thread.
  15. Ecoboom

    Yea, updates would be great.
  16. 2021 Shelby Super Snake Debuts New "Speedster" Two-Seater Body

    I gotta admit that Shelby does look nice. I am sure the little details are only appreciated by the actual buyers.
  17. Heater Core Delete

    Very interesting. I was wondering how the EV provided heat to the occupants. Can the heating units in an EV keep the inside of the car as warm as an ICE powered car in states like Minnesota ?
  18. Stainless Works no longer selling anything labeled "Offroad Use Only"

    A very informative thread. I did not realize all these mentioned restrictions were being forced on performance parts manufacturers. I don t believe there are enough performance enthusiasts that would have a great effect on the quality of air due to their use of off road parts. I would voice my...
  19. [Updated] Picked up #937 Mach1: Track Day Video and Comments

    I think we all have to be thankful to the OP for ordering a Mach 1 before the Handling Pack was available. The OP is a true pioneer for being the first to track a Mach 1 and share his experiences with us. Once the Handling Pack is available , we will have a baseline available for comparison of...
  20. 2020 Ford Mustang 2.3 High Performance FRPP Power Pack

    I have to congratulate Meatball on his great guess as to what a 2.3 HPP weighs. My 2020 2.3 HPP weighs 3600 pounds and Car & Driver weighed an 2020 2.3 HPP and obtained a weight of 3609 pounds. My 6sp manual 2.3 HPP has as smooth of a clutch as I have ever driven . As far as hydraulic clutches...