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  1. Strokerswild

    No-Stripe GT500s - Post Your Pics

    The title says it all....TIA.
  2. Strokerswild

    Report: 100 Ford Dealers Will Build Separate Bronco Showrooms

    Maybe they should worry more about building a quality product than a bunch of marketing bullshit...... Or a successful launch (it's years late already), and see above.
  3. Strokerswild

    2020 Shelby GT500 Bummer news

    Hand built or not, any engine is only as good as the parts it contains.... Good luck. I'm sure Ford will take care of you.
  4. Strokerswild

    Track Days and Tires

    Gotcha. They looked like some other wheel from the pic angle, plus the center cap threw me off.....
  5. Strokerswild

    Track Days and Tires

    What wheels are you running? Pics?
  6. Strokerswild

    2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if GM wants to cue an older Camaro for styling, it should be the '70-'73. Best looking Camaro ever. A modern take on that body style would be killer, and the Buick Avista show car was a hint of what could have been with just a few tweaks. But no...
  7. Strokerswild

    What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    I have a short list, but was planning to wait until '22. But the crazy numbers I'm seeing on these values are making me wonder about doing without the late-model fun car this summer and banking the loot for now.
  8. Strokerswild

    It's been a decade but I have a Mustang again

    Velocity Blue looks great on the Mach 1! We need more pics. Is yours a base or premium car?
  9. Strokerswild

    Hello Carvana, adios Mustang. :(

    I'm still in awe. The Carvana quote of near $29,500 for my '15 was a modified value. I ran through it again but selected stock, and the quote was over $32K. Incredible. Now I'm really thinking about this....
  10. Strokerswild

    500 WHP, N/A on 93 octane, possible?

    It sort of saddens me when many answers in threads like this lean to just buying a different car or supercharge or nothing. Whatever happened to hot rodding? I would have had a hell of a lot less fun over the last 30+ years with cars (and bikes) if I had taken the easy way out. Yeah, it's...
  11. Strokerswild

    When did Ford change the recommended engine oil for the GT?

    I've always used 5W-30 in my '15, mainly because everything else in the fleet calls for it. And I don't believe in the potential tradeoff of mileage over protection.
  12. Strokerswild

    500 WHP, N/A on 93 octane, possible?

    Ding! 580 crank is within spitting distance of 500 wheel. I believe that the 5.2 XS parts list is a decent recipe, and its heads and cams can be improved upon.
  13. Strokerswild

    Show us your custom badges/emblems

    Castoff 1971 Ranchero GT tailgate badge modified, bead blasted, and painted. It's painted Magnetic now to match the body. Pic is from early 2015, from when the car was sans GT350TP spoiler and exhaust - this was one of my first cosmetic mods along with blacked out fender badges (now body color)...
  14. Strokerswild

    REVan Evan Mach 1 Street and Track Testing at Willow Springs

    And the '18+ MT82 gearing?
  15. Strokerswild

    REVan Evan Mach 1 Street and Track Testing at Willow Springs

    Thus it would be best if the Mach's manual ratios were similar to those in the '15-'17 MT82, which are pretty stout coupled with 3.73s (I can start in 2nd gear with no issue). I don't know if that's the case, but I would tend to doubt it given the taller trans gearing on the '18+ manual cars...
  16. Strokerswild

    Time to be Nascar level loud again

    I prefer the stealth factor of a quieter exhaust myself, because....
  17. Strokerswild

    Which surfaces on GT500 are at most risk for chips?

    Rear quarter panels, just aft of the door opening where it flares out for sure, as that area on my lowly GT is peppered the most with very tiny chips. Front fascia would be a given.
  18. Strokerswild

    Hello Carvana, adios Mustang. :(

    Wow....I could get nearly $30K for my '15 right now. Tempting, considering I paid around $36K for it back in April of 2015....
  19. Strokerswild

    The M6G Nostalgic “I remember ...” thread

    Fun fact: The government basically outlawed hideaways because they could potentially freeze/ice up and leave a vehicle without headlights. Oddly, the hideaways on my '67 Cougar still work flawlessly, most do not....