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  1. Redcruzer

    Rear Speakers in Mustang Ecoboost convertible .

    I reused the factory connectors which makes it clean but it probably doesn’t matter much.
  2. Redcruzer

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    Love that old Erie Mining Company ALCO RS11 ( 1800hp built around 1956) in the background.
  3. Redcruzer

    Rear Speakers in Mustang Ecoboost convertible .

    I did the the JBL’s also. I don’t know if you have the factory sub or not, I do and there was only a mild performance difference. Of course, if you have a faulty speaker, these will work fine for you. I also used the above video for installation without difficulty.
  4. Redcruzer

    Save up for GT or keep Eco?

    Seriously good advice.
  5. Redcruzer


    Yes go ahead but read up in the manual on how sport and sport+ react so you are not surprised.
  6. Redcruzer

    So I don't lock my doors, why bother?

    Around here there are roving bands of A-holes that come in from other areas. They’ll go around pulling door handles until they find one that’s unlocked, then do what they do.
  7. Redcruzer

    Chinese voice talking through dash

    Aftermarket screen/headunit?
  8. Redcruzer

    Seatbelt holder

    I seem to have that issue with the wind deflector installed which is understandable. What I find is without the belt strap in the holder, the passanger side buckle will slap against the door panel when the top is down as the belt gets caught in the air stream.
  9. Redcruzer

    Rear window support brackets on convertible

    Yea, my dealer fixed it right the first time in 2015.
  10. Redcruzer

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    Happy New Year fellow M6g verters. 59 and calm here in NorCal today. Perfect!
  11. Redcruzer

    Ford Safe & Smart Package - What are your Thougths

    Like many here, I wasn’t looking for it when I bought my convertible. But now I wouldn’t by another without it. S and S and heated seats. Never going without heated seats again, lol. S and S are great tools to have. I still turn my head and use my mirrors though.
  12. Redcruzer

    A little give and take

    I'm wondering how much weight two electric motors and their supporting hardware would add to the front end. Not a big deal in an SUV, but a GT?
  13. Redcruzer

    Poll: Hard top mustang convertible

    Huh, The top on my 15 still looks good.
  14. Redcruzer

    "Mustang Mach E" Confirmed, Reservations Begin Immediately After Nov 17 Live-Streamed Reveal

    I think ill just hold out for the Mustang E150 Raptor FX4....
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    I saw the Uris for the first time last week. What an eyesore that thing was.
  16. Redcruzer

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    That must have been a helluva fun drive back home!
  17. Redcruzer

    The big Intercooler thread.

    No downsides for me. I installed the intercooler a few months before the tune and the car felt healther. Of course that's all butt dyno and its not a daily. After the tune car feels much better all around. No other engine mods for me. Tune and intercooler are all I need at this point.
  18. Redcruzer

    The big Intercooler thread.

    The CPE will work just fine for what you want. The CP E is very well built and works nicely with my FP tune.
  19. Redcruzer

    Poll: Hard top mustang convertible

    How much trunk space does it need?
  20. Redcruzer

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    The moose stew was delicious with a Rickards Red ale and a Royal Canadian for dessert.