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  1. GT 350 just got crushed by the C8

    Do you even own a gt500
  2. Lets talk wheels/tire/brakes

    The C8 is using 245 front and 305 rear. Maybe try that so you can try to keep up with them.
  3. Question about Misfire codes Gen3

    I had some misfires only at startup occasionally and my tuner was saying he’s had some people find out their DI injectors we’re getting stuck in some cases.
  4. Datalog AFR bank 1 and 2 reading 0?

    Did you look at the afr on the dash?
  5. Wheels and tires for 680whp for the street

    +1 for 305 MT SS. I actually am so far even getting decent wear out of them (3k miles and I haven’t noticed any loss of tread yet, I’m sure they’ve lost a little though) and I also drove them most of last winter during lots of rain and a few torrential downpours on city streets and the highway...
  6. No ethonal

    *In the context of this forum, which is modern cars
  7. No ethonal

    The myth that ethanol is bad is just that. Stick to your normal premium gas, it’s what the tunes are built around.
  8. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    The most sad part is you're probably a full grown adult acting like this. You must be a riot to hang out with.
  9. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    Oof, this is kind of sad to watch now.
  10. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    Man, I must've really struck a nerve with you since you're still scrounging through my post history with nothing better to do. You seem very upset so I'll leave you alone then.
  11. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    There's already talk from some of the top tuners about being unsure how easy it will be to tune the new GT500 depending on what ford does to try and lock the computers down so.... Also, please stop speculating because you really have no idea. If the GT500 runs a 10.9 in stock form on the...
  12. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    You can cherry pick statements and purposely misinterpret them all you want. I never said reliability doesn't cost money, I said blindly throwing cash at something doesn't mean reliability. Just because a gt500 is more expensive, doesn't mean it's any more reliable than a GT at comparable HP...
  13. Looking at a Whipple for my 2019 Bullitt. Opinions sought

    Gen 5 whipple is a great blower, huge power and OEM reliability.
  14. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    You missed my whole point btw, it was a very simple one. Yes the GT500 will probably be a far superior platform to mod. Yes it is nice. Yes it's better in just about every way, only an idiot would try and argue otherwise. But, don't get confused thinking that's the only way speed can be...
  15. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    lmao, you trying to read through my post history for dirt now? Kinda sad... I snapped a bolt on an unneeded cover, then I cut the cover off because all it does is hold foam over the HPFP to reduce noise. You can run 9's with close to the same PSI that the gt500 is coming with, 20psi would be...
  16. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    You're legit wrong on this, and the evidence is all over the place. No one mentioned a boost a pump. I said blower and $3,000 fuel system, which consists of injectors and a return style fuel system. @Rjames18 has been bottom 9's with an lpf twin turbo setup, fuel system, and stock...
  17. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    Totally understandable. People find exclusivity in different ways. Some might find it in being one of a handful of people with an 8 second 2018+ mustang, others might find it by buying a rare version such as a gt500. Your numbers are a little off though as the scenario I was referencing...
  18. Longtube to Catback install issue :(

    Not familiar with the 2m headers, but I pulled this pic off eBay. Do you have those extensions circled in red?
  19. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    Define highly modified. A blower and fuel system isn’t really complicated and can take a stock GT to the power of the gt500 or well beyond if you like to live dangerously. Ford is basically saying the gt500 is a 10 second car in the 1/4 mile, blower gen 3 coyotes have been in the 8’s with...
  20. need help with LUND drain tune.

    The reason why they really emphasize zero or extremely little 93 being in the tank before logging the E85 tune is that it will throw off the short term fuel trims causing the logs to not be accurate compared to if you just had straight E85. As little as a few percent off and the stft will not...