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  1. OppoLock

    How many mustangs have you owned?

    2015 GT Guard, 401A, PP, Recaros, 6MT 2020 GT350 Perf. Blue, 900A, Tech Package, Handling Package, Recaros
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    Oppolock’s Garage

  3. OppoLock

    Upgraded from a GT to GT350! First take review.

    Any suggestions? My GT was a very early ‘15 run. It had loads of rattles: passenger C-pillar, aluminum dash trim at both ends, the A-pillar speaker cover, speedometer bezel, and eventually the transmission tunnel cover. The passenger seat forward/rearward adjustment bar flopped over bumps and...
  4. OppoLock

    Upgraded from a GT to GT350! First take review.

    I purchased sight unseen and can’t recommend it enough. :) Sorry guys, but doing a 1,000 mile break-in is absolutely impossible in my mind. I’ve had it for a week and put on 875 miles now. Did a 100 mile easy break-in consisting of varied RPMs and minimal steady state cruising, but since then...
  5. OppoLock

    Upgraded from a GT to GT350! First take review.

    TL;DR - based on the 150 miles I was able to put on the clock in this first day alone, I’m going to summarize this by telling all MY15-17 owners right now: make the jump if you can. Jesus Christ, do it and you won’t regret it. I’ve been scouring for MY18-20 GTs for awhile and gave Bullitts a...
  6. OppoLock

    My 2019 Ruby Red GT350 'Rona Project

    Any additional pictures of those SV104s? Been trying to find some wheels for the GT350 coming in, but I’m not satisfied with a lot of what I’m finding. These seem very promising...
  7. OppoLock

    Revs not dropping down in a linear way

    My GT does this. Was hoping it wouldn't affect GT350s since I have one on the way. It's most likely rev hang and not an abnormal characteristic. When shifting up from one gear to the next, if I press the clutch in--say from 4th to 5th--and keep it pressed, the revs will drop to exactly where...
  8. OppoLock

    Texas WTB 2019 GT350 Spoiler (AKA Swing)

    How much for the Ford part? Having trouble locating the OE part online and the replicas look like trash.
  9. OppoLock

    Spotted orange turbocharged GT in St. Pete/Pinellas Park

    Giving this one a shot in the dark, but this guy joked that he was stock at a red light right before shooting past me. Turbocharged, I think orange or red. Turn signals up front were tinted red, and it had a splitter with a red pin stripe edge. Some kind of black decklid spoiler like a GT350...
  10. OppoLock

    GT PP replacement pads - ordering OEMs online or looking for vendor options

    I'm looking at various sites to check on OEM PP pad costs, and it looks like the front pads are roughly $200: 10 FR3Z-2001-N Brake Pads 5.0 LITER, W/HIGH PERF. PKG $208.18...
  11. OppoLock

    Drive modes - anyone have the detail about what changes in a manual car?

    That's it. Throttle mapping and varying degrees of stability and traction control.
  12. OppoLock

    2018 Mustang GT Revealed (Video)!!

    So much better.
  13. OppoLock

    Do you like the 2018 Design

    They ruined our precious.
  14. OppoLock

    SVE X550 Steering Wheel Is Here!

    He's probably referring to the piss-poor molding design behind the 9-and-3 spokes. I've driven steering wheels with thicker rims, but this one is just awkward because of those crappy plastic lumps out back. Every car I've driven (even the bottom feeder Fiesta loaner I've been given) never had...
  15. OppoLock

    First impressions of my 2016 Camaro SS.

    Here's to re-kindled love. Second time's the charm, I'm sure.
  16. OppoLock

    Oh, Focus RS destroys the Mustang GT

    Tires are some of the most frequently replaced consumables on a vehicle. Assuming you go through your set of showroom rubber, the net cost to change tire compounds is nill. Can we just drop the slippery slope fallacy?
  17. OppoLock

    S650 Mustang Opinions/Predictions

    Those renders are all a step backward in design progress imo; all of the radical bits that make these stand out would be toned down in translation to the production models, and these just look like rough 1st year art student sketches when you boil it down to the sheetmetal styling ideas. I'd...
  18. OppoLock

    C63 AMG w204 or S550 Mustang GT?

    The Merc's quality and fitment are in a whole 'nother league. If there's one thing I'm beyond disappointed with after 1.5 years of S550 ownership, it's the piss-poor quality of the entire thing. I've gone through one half shaft, had my clutch and flywheel assembly replaced, have misaligned...
  19. OppoLock

    Photography Enthusiasts! | Hobbyists & Professionals

    The infinitely improved successor to my old old old D40. Probably one of the most ergonomic cameras around. Nice choice. :thumbsup:
  20. OppoLock

    Photography Enthusiasts! | Hobbyists & Professionals

    Good shit! I have a habit of going in and out with my hobbies, like musical chair obsession. Have you given mirrorless cameras any thought? A high-end full frame mirrorless body will give you the same features as a pro-level DSLR. An A7II or A7RII would be awesome for you. The body is roughly...