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  1. Farmundeh

    Rear View Camera Not Available

    bump - I'm experiencing the same issue and my warranty expired about a month ago. Has anyone done a DIY job to resolve this?
  2. Farmundeh

    Long Island, NY

    If only I hadn't blacklisted them...:D
  3. Farmundeh

    Long Island, NY

    Guys - looking for shop/dealership recommendations for an oil change and NY state inspection. Neither seems like a big deal, but I'm running on sportlines so the car can't be put on a standard lift. Any recommendations in Queens, Long Island or Westchester for a place that deals with lowered...
  4. Farmundeh

    Ford Confirms 2018 GT350/GT350R With 3 New Colors

    Do we know if Grabber Blue is being retained?
  5. Farmundeh

    Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    :eek::eyebulge: Dude, horrible. I almost cried when I saw the pics. So glad to hear that you're ok though. Speedy recovery my friend. And btw, I hope you've spoken with an attorney about the paint on the road.
  6. Farmundeh

    FI GT or GT350??

    GT350. I love my GT and plan on buying another with aspirations of FI. But you only live once so if you can own a Shelby without breaking the bank, do it IMO.
  7. Farmundeh

    Last day to order a '17?

    Yup, this seems to be the case. Congrats on the order, btw. :cheers:
  8. Farmundeh

    Last day to order a '17?

    Not necessarily in my case. It's a timing issue. I want to grab a grabber blue GTPP but can't at the moment, so I want to know how much time i have.
  9. Farmundeh

    Last day to order a '17?

    Thanks, keep us updated!
  10. Farmundeh

    Last day to order a '17?

    Saw your comment in the other thread on this topic. Did you receive subsequent confirmation that it's the end of May?
  11. Farmundeh

    Last day to order 17?

    God, Ford.... I'm trying to juggle buying a house (with a nice large garage) with ordering a Grabber Blue GT to put in said garage before its too late. Thanks for: 1) cutting off orders too early, and more importantly 2) DISCONTINUING GRABBER BLUE!!!:rant::rant::frusty::frusty::doh:
  12. Farmundeh

    New Hellcat in the House

    This special is still running. I was suuuuper tempted to grab either a Challenger or Charger hellcat this past weekend. There seems to be plenty floating around the NYC area right now.
  13. Farmundeh

    Last day to order 17?

    Has it been confirmed elsewhere that we have until May? Also, is it early May or end of May?
  14. Farmundeh

    LI-ers with aftermarket exhausts

    I'm in Astoria. Currently running Roush axlebacks with an H-pipe. Used to have the ARH catback. I liked the ARH a lot, but it was much quieter than my current setup.
  15. Farmundeh

    Last day to order a '17?

    bump. Anyone have a specific date?
  16. Farmundeh

    Buy 17 or wait for 18 thread

    I'm kinda in the same boat. I plan on keeping my next mustang for a while and really have my heart set on getting her in grabber blue. I'm not thrilled about the cosmetic changes for the '18 (not yet, at least), and I don't see it being that significant of a performance bump. I have a lot of...
  17. Farmundeh

    2018 Mustang GT Revealed (Video)!!

    Ehhh, I don't know how i feel about that front end. Slightly off topic - Is it 100% confirmed that grabber blue is going away in '18? Cuz if it is, this video might be enough to force my hand and grab a '17.
  18. Farmundeh


    looks amazing.:thumbsup: I'm so heartbroken that this color is going away. I had planned on getting an '18 in GB. Why, Ford, why?!?!?:frusty:
  19. Farmundeh

    Thinking about a Mustang

    If cost is a major factor, get a base GT. The auto comes with paddle shift. Not as organic as the stick, but a decent option if she has reservations about driving a manual every day.