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  1. jpilone

    Look to make sure Yellow Front Spring spacers are removed

    Damn it looks hot in orange!! I thought I was being cool by getting the package with the FJG, thinking it would be a limited thing, but like 90% of them are FJG, but still cool nonetheless and I love it. But I have had 4 orange cars in my lifetime
  2. jpilone

    Today is the day ........................

    You know, I've had a lot of new cars in my life. I have special ordered three cars. The waiting period is TORTURE!! I waited nearly 5 months for my Mach 1!!
  3. jpilone

    Flat shifting is pretty slick!

    I tried it out yesterday. Color me impressed!
  4. jpilone

    Sorry if this has been asked before. How long will Ford build the Mach1?

    I definitely think history will repeat itself. Ford had the Mach 1 in 03 and 04, and the new S197 in 05. We have a S650 coming for 2023, so definitely expect this to be a 2 year run.
  5. jpilone

    I'm baaaack!

    A used GT350 and the Mach are priced quite closely. The voodoo engine is wicked and has a sound and powerband very different from this engine. In actuality, there's a whopping 46 hp difference, and to me this 5.0 feels more torquey and has better street manners. The Mach is the best of both...
  6. jpilone

    I'm baaaack!
  7. jpilone

    Mach 1 Resonator Delete Different than 18-21GT?

    It's a noticable difference, but not overbearing! It's perfect.
  8. jpilone

    I'm baaaack!

    So in 10/2017, I had to get rid of my GT350, because my son got his license at the age of 16 1/2, and my car insurance went from $240/mo, to $770/mo, because of my GT350. Shelby had to go! Fast forward 3.5 years, and said child is now out of the house, on his own, and off my insurance. Say hello...
  9. jpilone

    New Velocity Blue!

    She's a beat clark!
  10. jpilone

    Mach 1 Resonator Delete Different than 18-21GT?

    I just got a Mach 1 Monday 3/29. I installed the MBRP resonator delete x pipe. Same application as 15+ GT. No issues whatsoever.
  11. jpilone

    A light "click" or "tick" when turning at lower speeds -- noticeable in parking garag

    it's the floating rotors! every GT350 does this when turning at slow speeds. It's the rotor movement on the hats, because of the capture/floating pins that secure the two together.
  12. jpilone

    Jefc73/Making it my own

    looks great man!
  13. jpilone

    Dumb stuff you hear.

    I haven't gotten anything stupid yet, but I get compliments on the car several times a week. Sometimes the attention can get annoying. On the highway once, two younger guys in a IS300 were running next to me, taking pictures of the car, waiving, and giving me thumbs up.
  14. jpilone

    Gossamer, Work in Progress

    Awesome! Glad you like it man. You have a plotter??
  15. jpilone

    Mach V - cuz I'm tired of waiting for Mach 1

    No tracking? That's like paying for a lap dance and saying "no thanks" and letting her keep the money..
  16. jpilone

    Mach V - cuz I'm tired of waiting for Mach 1

    If you didn't get the exhaust yet. I have a quad tip magnaflow competition cat back I am selling, just FYI. I had it on my former 2016 GT for 7 months/6k miles.
  17. jpilone

    Mach V - cuz I'm tired of waiting for Mach 1

    sounds good. I'm impressed that you did all the number crunching and justification! Are you going to do track days with it I hope?
  18. jpilone

    Mach V - cuz I'm tired of waiting for Mach 1

    Might I ask a simple and stupid question: did you do a cost comparison between building this versus buying a GT350 or GT350R? Not knocking this at all, I'm sure it'll be a killer car when it's done! I had a 2016 GT and traded up to a GT350, simply because I realized no matter how much time...