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    Worn Out End Link?

    Yesterday I finally got the front and rear BMR sway bars on. The front passenger end link hissed when it was removed and squirted out water. Going over a speed bump yesterday, I could what I believe to be the end link making a noise. Both bars are set on the middle setting. Just double checking...
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    Datalogging Pulls Where and How to Get Away With It?

    I have never had a car tuned. I was going over the Tune Plus procedure for my A10 I have 255/40R19 tires, which should be 27” high The 10R80 transmission’s 5th gear is 1.52 ratio I have...
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    Will a tune fix my issue

    The A10 transmission is really just a 7 speed transmission with "gears" 8, 9 and 10 being overdrive. To get any meaningful action, make sure you're in 7th gear or under.
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    Basically Ford will identify anything non-oem as being catastrophic. If you read this actual Ford doc, it will detail how all mods cause issues. Here's the downpipe section: Other highlights from the doc, including how any non-oem exahust will break the engine and/or turbo:
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    Fuel gauge accuracy?

    For me the big change was filling up the tank to around 15.25 gallons. Before I'd fill up and it would be in the low 14's. But in hindsight, DTE, MPG and the fuel gauge are all linked. And yes, the fuel warning lights would come on at a more reasonable reading. EB fuel tanks are 15.5 gallons...
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    Fuel gauge accuracy?

    Not sure why no is talking about this but I adjusted my AFE bias to 1025 for my EB to stop getting premature alerts. I'm about a quarter of a gallon away from being right with the 25 mile warning.
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    2018 Base Ecoboost PP fog light install

    If you look around their site, they take pride in their custom wiring harnesses. It was totally needed for the 15-17 MY. I do wonder if they jumped the gun and assumed that hadn't changed with the 18+ You have the part numbers right there. JR3 means model year 2018 Mustang...
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    Harness for RTR grille?

    I have this and you can use it to tap into the running lights without cutting the factory wires They also have this but it doesn't have the end connectors like the turn signal kit has...
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    Best way to "friendly" rev in an A10 while in motion?

    In the GT500 you can just hold both paddles and rev. I really wish that was an option on the 10R80. As someone who accidentally shifted to neutral at 60mph, don’t. The A10 takes longer than other tranny to get into gear. I couldn’t get a throttle response for what felt like three seconds.
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    2020 analog dash cluster

    For starters… is it premium or non-premium?
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    Show me you and your Mustang out having fun in the winter snow!!

    Here I am loading 2x4's from Home Depot into my Mustang during a polar vortex. I went for the 92" length just in case i couldn't pull off the 96" but turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Here's a winter storm pic from Wisconsin. I could barely tell my headlights were on from the ice...
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    Any Jacking rail diy measurements out there ?

    Did you see this thread?
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    Wheel bearings

    I did my driver side last year. I used a torque wrench from the Autozone loan program. For weeks I just kept my hands firmly on the wheel and did my best to feel the road. Foot off gas, feel. Accelerate, see how it feels. There is a bitch to remove cap on these wheels. Check it...
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    Fog Light Wiring

    I don’t know about the older S550s but since you have a V6 you’re probably missing stuff. This kit includes the fog light switch plus wiring.
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    Trying to add BLIS and Adaptive CC - BLIS is installed and ACC done

    Just incase anyone actually wants to know the wire gauge sizes for the C311 connector^, you can find the pdf here
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    Door Mirrors

    I have a basic set of 2018 black US power mirrors (no heat, no indicators, no puddle light) that I would trade for a Euro Mustang's power fold back mirror relay. If someone is interested in an international parts swap. The mirrors do fold back with manual effort. I'm not sure how...
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    Build Sheet

    Like this thing? I got that^ from the Ford repair manual site I paid for the 72 hour access.
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    Adaptive cruise control radar substitution?

    I really want to know too. I think it would have to be from a model without stop and go. The height of the truck models makes me wonder if there would be issues with a much lower vehicle.
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    Anyone Have P/N for Dash Panel Switches

    So not these switches that control the lights but some other switches?
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    Mustang Steering Wheel Controls and CarPlay?

    I’m not sure if this is too simple but I tested it. You can have CarPlay on the display while the audio is set to the vehicle’s Sirius source. Steering wheel preset stations skip for me.