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  1. The M6G Nostalgic “I remember ...” thread

    I love this thread. You guys make me feel young. Never owned a record player. I did regularly go in my older brother's room and put the records in different sleeves just to screw with him. How about Cinemax back in the day, trying to catch a glimpse of Morgan Farchild's goodies between the...
  2. Advice needed please.

    Look around - there are some dealerships throwing money at 2020s on the lot. Co worker bought a brand new base 2020 GT with A10 for $30.8K + TTL.
  3. USPS has time travel?

    Comparing the two is ridiculous. The USPS is not truly a government agency in many ways. It's also losing money at a ridiculous rate. The biggest reason for the existence of the USPS is letters / mail. In fact, first class mail is the most profitable part of the USPS - and in the past 10 years...
  4. USPS has time travel?

    Hasn't been implemented yet to my knowledge - I can call my buddy who works for USPS. Also if you read the actual plan, it actually calls for opening MORE package centers. USPS loses money on it's package service overall. Over 30,000 post office in the country. Something like 4000 of them...
  5. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    It's your area. Their offer for my 19 GT Base 6 speed around Richmond, VA is @ $3K higher than your offer.
  6. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    The used market is ridiculous in many markets. Mustangs will start to kick up in pricing because of the weather warming up. Carvana offer for my 2019 GT Base 6 speed with under 15K miles was right around what I paid for it new in Sept 2019.
  7. Dash scratch & Recaro Seat scratch

    It's like paint - the devil is in the details (Prep). I used to work with a guy who did mobile detailing on the weekend and he offered repairs on seats / interior. He made a KILLING.
  8. Dash scratch & Recaro Seat scratch

    They make leather repair kits. It's literally leather "Filler" that you put on the scratch, build it up, sand it smooth and then color it to match.
  9. Remove turnpike stockers from inside windshield - suggestions

    Lay a towel on the dash. Use a heat gun on low heat over the sticker area. Use a razor blade, plastic scraper (old credit card works) once it's warm the vast majority will come right off. Then heat the area up again, wipe an old microfiber across and the remaining adhesive will ball up into the...
  10. You know you drive a S550 Mustang when...

    When you leave the garage door down on purpose when you start it the first time in the that sound. I park in a parking garage for work. There's a M3 that used to park next to me. We got to our cars at the same time one day. He fired his up and smiled at me. I fired...
  11. Mach 1 test drive impressions by GT owner

    Reminds me of an old joke. Old Doctor retires after 30 years of giving circumcisions. Apparently he kept all of the foreskins he removed and gave them a leather smith to make something. Guy brings back a wallet. "30 years of work - and all that for a wallet?" The old doc asks. Leather guy...
  12. The M6G Nostalgic “I remember ...” thread

    I learned the hard way........I was poor and QJets were free. Nothing touches the sound of a QJet when the secondaries opened........
  13. The M6G Nostalgic “I remember ...” thread

    At least I knew they were BAD before hand. Try adjusting 3x2 setup.......the "Cool factor" disappeared after trying to get those things running right. I sometimes miss QJets. I got them for free (everyone went to Holley / Carter / Edelbrock) because they couldn't understand why a QJet pulled...
  14. The M6G Nostalgic “I remember ...” thread

    - I remember solid lifter cams and having to adjust valve lash more often than stopping for gas - Drum brakes on all 4 wheels - Leaded premium - Setting the points on a dual point distributor, a special kind of hell - Trying different springs and vacuum advance units in a distributor to get the...
  15. Mach 1 test drive impressions by GT owner

    Go to Look at the MPVI2. It plugs into the OBD2 port, comes with their Scanner and Editor software. 2018+ Mustangs need 4 credits to make changes. Cruise the forums and read up. If you aren't comfortable with that, a knowledgeable tuner, familiar with HPTuners (most reputable...
  16. What’s everyone using for interior detailing?

    My old neighbor bought a cheap, used boat and fixed it up himself. He kept telling me "He'd never buy a new boat, it's complete waste of money." Before I moved he was on boat #5 or something. He spent more time working on them, cleaning them, "Winterizing" them - than he did using them.
  17. What’s everyone using for interior detailing?

    Was that friend a "Boat" guy like my friend? I thought car detail people were bad............"Boat" people are BAD
  18. What’s everyone using for interior detailing?

    Walmart and some other retailers have started carrying it.
  19. AMSOIL or Motorcraft, which one is better?

    The same company that pays millions in R&D, and then bean counters switch out a $1 bolt for a .25 cent plastic insert to save $? Not just Ford by the way. You know what they realize that most people here won't admit? Most owners don't keep their car long enough to wear the engine