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  1. VTT "Shotgun" HPFP Upgrade / DI only Preiminary testing

    It's unfortunate that you still need a second controller for this upgrade. That's one of the attractive things behind upgrading the HPFP instead of going Aux fuel. It's nice to see new ideas and upgrades regardless though so keep up the good work.
  2. The Livernois HPFP upgrade ... a second and better high pressure fuel pump upgrade

    My car made 435 rwhp on a Mustang dyno (around 450 on a dynojet) on 93 octane. I'm basically at the limit for my setup on pump gas. If the engine breathed better I wouldn't be running as much boost and could probably push it a bit further. Good 93 can get you pretty far, E85 of course is...
  3. Preview: 2017 Mustangs at SEMA 2016 Show

    Interested to hear about the MRT ecoboost car. Sounds like a compound boost setup. Could be interesting.
  4. Coyote engine swap

    Cool project. Another nice benefit will be lower insurance costs compared to a GT. ;)
  5. GT350 axles!

    I've always heard that manufactures use different diameter half shafts to prevent wheel hop. I don't remember the exact theory behind it but perhaps someone else will chime in.
  6. What's next for the EB platform?

    Too bad you dont live closer. I'd trade you everything to get done.
  7. Another fuel system option on the horizon

    No worries. Glad they got back with you. :thumbsup:
  8. Another fuel system option on the horizon

    As far as I am aware the only kit they have now is for the Focus. The fittings will likely be different on the Mustang kit. I used ASNU 14 hole 1050cc injectors on mine because they've done really well on GTRs and I felt the spray pattern would work well in this application. The stock fuel...
  9. Another fuel system option on the horizon

    I'll see if I can get an update. The testing is done on my end and it's working fine. I don't want to speculate on their timeline for release.
  10. The Next GT 500: RWD V8 or AWD V8?

    Every GT500 before the modern ones was available with an auto, and they typically outsold the manuals... If Ford has an auto capable of handling the power they would be foolish not to give people the option.
  11. New Ecoboost Protuner Sale!

    Gotcha. Makes sense. Install shouldn't be too different between the 3 and 4 I imagine. I'll keep an eye out for your update!
  12. Christmas in May!!

    Did they redesign the manifold? Never saw great pictures of the original... Might as well add the 9174 to the list too. ;)
  13. New Ecoboost Protuner Sale!

    Welcome! What made you choose the HSF3 vs the 4? Been interested in the HSF4, but wanted to see how the aquamist setup worked on this platform.
  14. Aux fuel... Why has no one just made a high flow fuel pump?

    The pump is driven by the cam. Ours is a 4 lobe design without much lift. Any replacement pump will likely also need a corresponding cam to go with it. Changing cams is not easy on these cars either.
  15. Another fuel system option on the horizon

    Definitely have/had the same concern. I will say that its likely more reliable overall than a meth kit. That being said, there isn't an alternative to a third party controller so you take a risk just like with every mod.
  16. Another fuel system option on the horizon

    I'm not a professional forum poster. ;) I imagine the price will be around the same as the Focus ST kit. I don't want to post too much about that because they aren't a forum sponsor yet. Best to look at their site.
  17. Another fuel system option on the horizon

    Also just for fun here's a 4th gear pull I did the other day. Tune+ 93 octane, no changes made to the AP map, I only adjusted my Split Second map, actually going to make one more tweak to this.
  18. Another fuel system option on the horizon

    I'm not really as active on the forum as I have been in the past, but I thought I'd pop on and show everyone what I've been up to with my car and let you know about another potential fuel system coming out for the EB. I have been running a TB aux system since my car was finished in January...
  19. Building a Bulletproof EcoBoost

    Why so much? Your Coyote short block is the same price with twice the number of parts... I understand the deck plate has a cost... but for the price I would expect this block to be using the more expensive I beam rods.