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  1. ModularKid21

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    With the weather warming up, it was time to put the dancing shoes back on
  2. ModularKid21

    Dash scratch & Recaro Seat scratch

    Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for you. That’s rough though. We’d have to sit down and talk about our friendship if one of my “friends” gouged my seat up like that
  3. ModularKid21

    Painted Brake Rotors

    That looks fantastic. So much better than stock
  4. ModularKid21

    Fuel gauge accuracy?

    On the way home one day I ended up being lower on fuel than I realized. I was only about 10 miles from home and the fuel light had been on for a little while already. I was feeling kinda lucky and decided to push it. Once the DTE read “0 miles til empty”, I drove another 7 miles until I got to a...
  5. ModularKid21

    My Silver HP Mach 1 has arrived !

    This one... lol I haven’t followed up on it in the last days but I see he’s gotten them squared away @Epiphany
  6. ModularKid21

    Handling Package Mach on the assembly line...

    Another member on here received his HP Mach 1 and said there were no flares on the car during delivery, nor were they mentioned as loose items, or anywhere on the order at all. Any possible insight on that?
  7. ModularKid21

    Texas 2018+ Taillights

    Perfect. Pm sent
  8. ModularKid21

    My Silver HP Mach 1 has arrived !

    Whenever I see a real life pic of a Mach with the HP, for some reason my pants start to get really tight
  9. ModularKid21

    Texas 2018+ Taillights

    Cool. To clarify, the smoked portions are just removable tint strips, correct?
  10. ModularKid21

    Texas 2018+ Taillights

    Are these oem tail lights?
  11. ModularKid21

    Mach 1 assembly line pictures - no hood decals

    Good choice. Everyone else is getting FJG it seems
  12. ModularKid21

    Whiteline KDT933 Diff Bushings Discontinued

    Do you know what stiffness the Whiteline inserts are?
  13. ModularKid21

    Whiteline KDT933 Diff Bushings Discontinued

    I recently attempted to purchase Whiteline’s insert kit which is also discontinued. I bought the BMR inserts and they transmit far more noise than I anticipated. I’ve heard the Steeda ones add less NVH so I purchased them and will be installing them in the coming weeks. The Steeda ones are...
  14. ModularKid21

    FJG Mach 1 in the garage!

    I’m starting to think that Ford isn’t building Mach 1’s in any other color
  15. ModularKid21


    Did you try asking them these questions...?
  16. ModularKid21

    Will 275/45/17 MT fit VMS Racing 17x10?

    They should fit fine. Mickey’s site states that for a 275/40/17 (that’s the closest size they list) have a tread width is 10.2” and the section width is almost 11” at 10.9 so you shouldn’t have any problems. For that size I stated earlier, their recommended wheel width to be used with that size...
  17. ModularKid21

    First Oil Change And The "Tick"

    What’s the alternative? Not changing the oil? My ‘15 has it. I just add a bottle of Ceratec and enjoy the car. If something does happen, I’ll worry about it then. In your case, that’s what the warranty is for.
  18. ModularKid21

    Mach 1 test drive impressions by GT owner

    Spec’d to the one you test drove?
  19. ModularKid21

    Mach 1 test drive impressions by GT owner

    Good write up. I feel the same about the handling package. With how far I’ve gone with suspension on my car, I’d have to get one with the handling package. As well as the recaros. I love everything about the handling package but wouldn’t get FJG. I absolutely love the wheels. So if you get a...