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  1. Motorcycles

    I would recommend getting an older bike if that’s the case. Like a mid 2000’s R6, GSXR, etc. I would not recommend jumping into a new supersport as a first bike. They’re all blistering fast and you’ll really hurt your feelings the first time you have a beginner moment and lay it down...
  2. I think my Fiesta ST is getting fuel contamination in the oil

    I had a Focus ST and had evap issues. It caused the car to run super rich. I didn’t notice any fuel dilution in the oil but wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. It was rich enough the engine would try to stall at idle and the cat smelled like it overheated due to too much raw fuel burning off...
  3. Which One?

    If it’s in the budget, go Mach! It will be the most unique and sought after. The RS2 would be nice as well, but there’s no forced induction. Or, there’s nothing wrong with a PP1 GT and throwing the difference in $ into the parts to make up the difference between the other trims. All of them are...
  4. Which oil do you guys use?

    Pennzoil Platinum or Quaker State Ultimate Durability. For your Ecoboost - ABSOLUTELY run a quality synthetic. The turbo creates a lot of heat and oil keep it lubricated. You need a quality oil that will withstand that stress. I would also run only a full syn in the Coyote as well. These are...
  5. Atlanta Street Racers nabbed in sting

    Not sure I agree with everyone in attendance getting arrested without getting busted in action. However, it’s probably safe to say all of them would’ve lined up on the streets later that night. I used to street race, but it was with people I knew in areas where there weren’t other vehicles...
  6. P0300 and P0302 codes

    Ford replaced mine under warranty. It was a little over two years old with about 8k on the odometer. They won’t upgrade you to a 2018 and up. It’s not a 100% direct swap and requires a tune. I haven’t had issues with the new intake and have about 23k on it.
  7. My 2018 Mustang GT misfiring and I don’t know why. Pls help

    Yeah, don’t tune your car yet. Bad idea as if there’s something major wrong that could easily void the warranty. Not sure if it’s an issue on the 2018 and up but one of my intake manifold runner control actuators broke. It caused a misfire under light acceleration and cruising.
  8. High Idle IAT's

    True, but I am pretty positive the computer does pull timing when intake IAT’s rise. Although the air is heating as it gets sucked into the engine anyway, the hotter it is coming in, the hotter the charge is going to be going into the engine at the valve.
  9. High Idle IAT's

    Very true. Seems like the aftermarket ones just don’t seal the same, or maybe the materials are less heat resistant. I have a Steeda intake. It’s great, well constructed and fits perfect but the IAT creep is definitely there.
  10. Is it total or no

    $7k isn’t bad then. That probably wouldn’t exceed what insurance would pay for. Have you not heard back from your insurance company yet? Have they sent an adjuster to look at it?
  11. High Idle IAT's

    Unfortunately, there’s no escaping it with an open element setup. The factory box is thicker, more heat resistant and truly is “sealed” except for the air inlet, which draws outside of the engine bay.
  12. Racing Wear and Tear: Rebuild or New Engine?

    What type of racing, what frequency? That will determine a lot of your answers. Routine maintenance will help the most in keeping a stock engine alive for a normal service life. Plus, having common sense not to just beat off the rev limiter.
  13. Is it total or no

    Fixable, yes but the book value is what will determine if insurance is going to pay for it. To be straight forward, the odds probably aren’t in your favor given the year and V6 (since this is considered the “base” model Mustang). Airbags are a big hit against that. Otherwise, I would say it...
  14. Performance Consultant

    Welcome to the forum. Awesome to see a GT on track duty. How do you compare it to the likes of a Porsche? Must be a totally different experience. Did you make any changes to cool the transmission or differential?
  15. New Car Package Options, need some help...

    Do you have any interest in modifying the car? If so, consider that. It will be expensive to piece together the PP1/Magnaride equivalent parts separate. PP1 will be way ahead of a non-PP car as far as that. And yes, the Brembo brakes are awesome. I err on the side of performance vs creature...
  16. Oil Level low! Do I need to worry?

    I would give it a little time and drive the car hard in between. I have a Gen II and I had more oil consumption when I bought it at 5,800 mi than I do now at 31k. Overall I wouldn’t be super concerned at this point. As mentioned, you could always begin documentation with the dealership in case...
  17. Anyone else get this? Weird hesitation.

    Can’t speak for him, but for my issue, it still remains. I feel like it has to be engine-management related, like maybe the intake manifold runners causing the little stumble. My car runs great, but if you take off at fairly low RPM this is pretty much always present.
  18. *Done* with the Eco platform... I think.

    Sucks to hear but when I read flames coming from turbo I would’ve grounded the car indefinitely. I would’ve grounded it at the first sign of HG trouble. Best of luck getting it on the road again.
  19. Clutch line fluid replacement after brake fluid flush

    There’s no need to bleed the line at the transmission?