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  1. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Hey Chris, I have a photoshop request but it does not relate to the Mustang. It's just a color change. If I post it on the General Automotive Thread, would you mind taking it on?
  2. Project Copperhead

    Wowza!! .... I guess that's why they call them luxury wheels lol. I think you might be the only one with them for quite awhile because I'm gonna just wait till they go on sale! :D
  3. Project Copperhead

    Beautiful car, man!!! I'd really love to have this wheel set up on my future Ruby Red GT. If you don't mind disclosing a little information, how much did the wheels set you back and would you mind if I bit and took the color too (It's mind-boggling gorgeous)? I can't find any pricing or...
  4. 2016 Mustang Configurator (Build & Price) Is Up and Running

    GT/CS looks pretty cool! :)
  5. 2016 Shelby GT350 Configurator (Build & Price) Is Up!!!!

  6. Voodoo crate engine

    I think it would be both a waste of time and money. If Ford ever does release a crate engine version of the Voodoo, it wouldn't make economical sense to buy a GT and just do an engine swap. Just look at what they do with the GT500 engine. They charge $30k+ for that crate engine....You would just...
  7. 2020 Mustang

    Tried my hand at the front end...
  8. 2020 Mustang

    Dude! Why'd you stop? You've undoubtedly got talent... Let's see what you can do with a Mustang!!!
  9. 2020 Mustang

    Thank you, sir! God bless
  10. 2020 Mustang

    I think you have a point TT with the refresh years. But I wonder why Ford didn't go with that interior from the beginning. Aesthetically, it looks miles better than the one they went with and it seems to be just as ergonomic! I'd imagine in the refresh, though, it'd be pretty drastic change so...
  11. 2020 Mustang

    I don't see it :shrug:
  12. 2020 Mustang

    Ford's design language lately...
  13. 2020 Mustang

    LOL, I've never seen that car before in my life! I tried to make it look more futuristic and aggressive looking as they seem to be slowly moving away from the retro design language. By changing the grille shape, I think it ended up looking somewhat like the Edge Mustang.
  14. 2020 Mustang

    Well it's most likely gonna sit on the same S550 bones...
  15. 2020 Mustang

    Never too early to speculate! 2020, the year most likely for a major refresh... Here's my early render! :D
  16. Is it too early to start thinking about the MY17 mustang?

    Y'all peeps forgetting the fact that Ford dropped a completely new power plant in the 2011 GT with the Coyote a YEAR after a major redesign. And then 2 years after that, they refreshed the design with some minor tweaks. The point is Ford is hard to predict.
  17. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    :hail::hail::hail: Why Can't Ford Offer This Color On It?????!!!!!?? It looks even Better than I portrayed. Thank you.
  18. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Can someone please chop the GT350 R in Ruby Red?