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  1. Roush Closed????

    I was struggling to get in touch with them too. I sent an email Monday and waited two days with no response. I called and waited to talk to someone who basically just said they got it and will respond. it's about to be Friday and still no response. I told them in the ticket that it was an urgent...
  2. Delaware WTB 15-17 Front Bumper

    Bump. Updated with offer
  3. Delaware WTB 15-17 Front Bumper

    I have $300 cash ready. Looking to buy a full stock front bumper with grilles and splitter. Hoping to find one in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area. The Philadelphia area would also work
  4. Ikon gt500 style front bumper.

    $900 to paint a bumper is idiotic anyways. You can easily get that done well for $500 at a local body shop
  5. Pennsylvania PRICE DROP Advanti DST Svelto 19inch wheels+MTs $775

    Selling 19in Advanti Svelto wheels with tires (Mickey Thompson street comps)included. The tires have at least 12K miles on them so they havea couple thousand miles left in them. These are forged and only weigh 19.5lbs each, so they saved 10lbs per wheel coming from the stock 19inch black...
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  7. Weld Corsa exhaust together?

    Well I bought the exhaust second hand so not sure if I ever had the warranty. By not sounding right, I mean it hardly burbles and never pops anymore and there is a slight hissing sound from the header connection and middle section. It used to go back to sounding right after I gave it another...
  8. Weld Corsa exhaust together?

    I have a Corsa extreme that leaks constantly so I had the mufflers welded on last week but the shop I took it to said they can't weld the middle section together for some unspecified reason. Is there really a reason you can't weld the whole system together? I would have thought not because...
  9. Anyone from China on the forum?

    Thanks wangfuco. I was solo in Shanghai but I felt very welcomed. As you can imagine I definitely stood out in the crowd haha
  10. 2018 Mustang6g Calendar Photo Contest

    ^I always liked the way u wrapped that grill
  11. help an eco brother out

    The issue is that it's a photography contest. That's a great build and you had a great location for the photo, but why would you take a vertical photo? It also doesn't appear to be high enough resolution for print
  12. Photograph of the Month - January

    Awesome!! Thanks guys! I've been working on my photos a lot lately while I'm trying to get better before car show season is back
  13. 2018 Mustang6g Calendar Photo Contest

    Thanks Roadway! Yes I'm the photographer so you do have my permission to use it royalty free if it wins a spot

    I was parked under an iridescent light so slightly orange color cast on this one

    Did some playing in the dark last night
  16. Switching from 3.15 to 3.55 Gears

    I was very close to making the switch about a year ago and never did anything. What parts did you get? Also, how much did your installer charge you? I thought there was a need to flash the BCM to update for the gearing, did you use the Whipple flare tool? Thanks in advance!